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Yeah, i agree with you totaly.
Makes me pretty sad to hear that they don´t wanna bring out some more stuff for this cool game.
I had the hope, how on the ingame map one can see the surroundings of our goable actual map like city, they would bring out some expansion with new story and districts.
😞 So sad now!
But thanks a lot for your answer!
Have a nice weekend 🙂

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This beautifull game is realy geting better the more i´m playing it.
In the first 1 or 2 hours i was´nt shure about my feelings for it, but now after 25 hours i love it, and i´m totaly addicted to it.
For that reason i would like to know if there are any plans for an expansion or something like that for it?
If maybe somebody here could tell me.
Have a nice bloodsucking weekend! 🙂

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Hi there you bloodsucker bros. 😉
I`m so pretty happy with this game that i had to join here.

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