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Forum staff have changed their tone from an affirmative 'nothing is planned' 6 weeks ago, to cryptic 'cant talk about it' or 'nothing is announced' comments. So either something is planned or they just don't want the speculation train to derail!

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I've been looking for a flatbed for a while, but never found one, in the style of the garage semi with a ramp minus the container. Darius and Muzden made one for log loads but it doesn't have a ramp (iirc it came with their brown Kraz-256). The problem is it would be pretty useless, it's not wide enough so you could only fit A class vehicles on it, and the ramp would be quite steep.

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There is the line 'dlc_trials' along with the other dlcs in strings/game. Could be an accidental leak of future dlc but most likely it's just another example of poor attention to detail/lack of care

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@SebMAZ Recallable="true" (or false) goes in <GameData> in the truck xml

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Well I guess this wasn't half as interesting as I thought it was lol

Today I tried adding the US addons to a few mods and the standard trucks but none of them are working. I even tried changing the InstallSockets with no success, seems like they are locked to the US trucks? Wheels transfer over fine though, very odd!

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Copy the US driver model from mesh cache, rename it with the Ruski model's name, then replace it in the mesh cache is what I've done 👍🏿

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I've noticed a few new things going on in the game. I know why way around a truck xml fairly well but I don't really know a huge amount about how games work and the terminology, so I hope this all makes sense! Here's the things I've noticed and the questions that have arisen from it:

The USA trailers have the InstallSocket "KamazTrailerCart", which is the same as their Russian counterparts. The Russian trailers don't appear in the addon selection list but can be attached when spawned separately (and vice-versa; USA trailers can attach to Russian trucks but don't appear in the addon selection list).

Could this be manipulated? I'd like to do something similar for the semi-trailers, and I'm also planning on changing the InstallSocket for the USA medium log trailer but doing so will probably make it unable to attach to the Russian trucks.
All the mods I've checked only have the Russian trailers in the addon selection list, is it possible to dictate which trailers appear or even have both?

Selection Screen Partitions
On previous versions of the game, you could place the Ridge and Valley truck xmls in the same folder as the base game's truck xmls and this would remove the DLC partitions that separate the trucks in the vehicle selection screen. This doesn't happen anymore, the partitions persist regardless of where you place the xml files.

There isn't a '_dlc' folder in anymore. My guess is that maybe the game was using this folder as the reference in previous versions, but now it is using the separate _dlc zips? (Although this doesn't explain the existence of the _dlc zips in the first place)
Is it possible to remove these partitions, add new partitions or dictate the order they appear in the selection screen? Ideally I'd separate the base game trucks from my installed mods, merge the Ridge and Valley vehicles with the base game vehicles, and move the AW section to the bottom. I remember browsing a large text file in the STMod directory that mentions these partitions (and a whole host of other features) but I don't have a clue how to do it or even if the text file is just a legacy from ST? I don't have STMod installed atm (waiting for the update) so I can't check the file again.

Driver Change
If you only have Russian trucks spawned in the Proving Ground, you will have the Russian driver. If you then spawn a USA truck, the driver will change to the USA driver, regardless of which truck you're driving. All of my installed mods have the Russian driver as standard, which then switches to the USA driver when I spawn a USA truck.

I much prefer the USA driver so I've replaced the Russian driver mesh with the USA driver mesh, effectively forcing the USA driver permanently. But could you force a particular driver via the coding, or even 'fix' it so that you have the Russian driver when you switch to Russian vehicles and the USA driver when you switch to USA vehicles?

Not Suitable For Offroading
This appears above the addon selection list at the garage and on the vehicle selection screen for the three 6x4s of AW.

I've removed it by deleting the line from strings/game, although the '!' remains on the billboard (I think it's actually a part of the billboard itself and not added afterwards like the text). An idea I've had though is maybe you could add this to all RWD vehicles like the ZiL, ZAZ etc (and any RWD mods you might have installed) so you could tell at a glance which vehicles are RWD?

I'm guessing it's all controlled by the lua scripts but this is the part of the game I've yet to delve into, so I don't really know what I'm talking about! I was expecting to find some sort of master list in the lua that dictated when/how/why these new features appear. I searched a few keywords like USA, Kamaz, Ford etc to try and start teaching myself but I've found nothing. Anyone know of a good thread or page where I can pick up some decent basic info on how ST/MR's lua files function?

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Sorry to hear that @Spun hope you get it sorted. You could do what I did and delete the original files you've edited from the zip but it's not ideal

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Apologies for the late reply, my account has been refusing to log in for the past few days 😡

@Spun I have found the solution. It seems the order you place the locations in your config is what determines the overwriting location. My Media folder was underneath, I moved it to the top of the list and now it is overwriting successfully 😊

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I've always kept my xml edits in my Media folder and they would always overwrite the files in Textures and meshes have only worked if I either replace them in the or delete them from the and place the new file in my media folder.

With AW, my xml edits are not overwriting the files. Is this the same for everyone? I've worked around it by deleting every file from the zip that I've edited.

Also semi-related, I placed the valley and ridge vehicle xmls with the original truck's xmls so they wouldn't be partitioned in the selection screen, but now they are still partitioned. Is there anyway to remove the partitions or, alternatively, create new partitions to separate different mods/vehicle types?

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