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Re 'sandbox', I remember reading before MR's release that there were plans to combine the original maps into one large map. I guess it didn't go past an idea and probably needs 64bit first to work. Here's hoping for MR2, it's unlikely we'll see any more development for the current game.

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@Sodoma this is the Mudrunner 2 Wishlist Thread, and that's the Spintires Mudrunner Wishlist Thread haha

I don't mind if MR2 goes in a traily or trucky direction, I will likely buy and enjoy it either way. I hope it's still as accessible to modding as the current game, and that the main focus of development is on improving the havok engine

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I won't pay for this unless it's heavily supplemented by actual game development. I'm not asking for things like weather or tracked vehicles (I've already given up expecting bigger features like these), just a continual improvement of the game and bug fixes, with more clarity in the changes log and overall much better communication. I'm not knocking Focus or the mods here but there seems to be a big chasm between developer and publisher.

I seriously doubt that's gonna happen unfortunately, the cash cow will be milked until the udders are dry and chapped. I will wait for the change log and initial reaction but I predict sometime during sep/oct my in-game username will mysteriously change to CODEX. I feel like I've paid enough twice over tbh 😞

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Thanks @Sodoma that's what I was trying to put across, and that very interesting thread confirms what I thought was happening 👍

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@1967deuce The Torque figure we're referring to isn't a literal torque figure, it's the only setting we have for 'engine power'. The 220 for the 538 is actually 220,000 units of power (torque and hp combined).

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@Unster I don't think of it in terms of realism because the game is too basic in how it simulates vehicle physics. I go mainly by how it feels when driving it rather than whether certain stats in the xml make logical sense or not.

I don't have a clue about the real machines either but I'd imagine the 538 would be a lot faster than a K-700 because its designed for a different purpose. The way st simulates means that if it's more powerful then it will tow a lot better as well, when really there's a lot more to it like diff and gearing settings that we don't have in the xml. A decent C class can tow just as much weight as the K for example.

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I think 220 was suspected as the right figure because it matches one of the other D class vehicles, and they have the same engine in real life.

I've changed mine to 220 and I don't think it's too OP. I don't really directly compare it to a K-700, more like a cross between a D and a K with positives and negatives from both.

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I always thought it was Oovee's fault back in the day but it's clear now that Pavel just isn't interested in expanding the game to our liking. It's fair enough I guess, it's his creation and he has a different vision than we have. I'd hate to be a console player 😥

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@MudHappy Nice find! So the CoM is below the ground pretty much and acting like a pendulum.

The -0.6 seems right, or at least what it was intended to be by the modder. Fine tuning I guess is personal preference how much body roll and likelihood of rollover you want to have

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