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Good clip. Enjoyed some of the crazy shots man.

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@comnic51 said in Very Dissapointed:

First of all a 300mbs connection should be enough. But its not the connection, its the game. Its poorly optimize. Runs bad. Im quite dissapointed too after waiting so long for this game. Sure its only the first beta and the devs have a lot work to do. For me its in a state that you cant play it. I have an i7 4790k and gtx 1060 6gb and i got 50fps with everything on low. So, lets hope the devs will work hard to optimize. If they will this will be a great game.

Please for the love of god guys, stop using the 300mbs should be enough line. Nobody disagreed with that, including me. I merely said he doesn't have the fastest speed possible on a fiber connection since fiber has never been truly maxed out but most providers will allow 1gbps full duplex as a offered speed variable.

To quote you though @comnic51 I'm not sure how you've got such a damn good computer and I have an older one that handles this just fine. The most graphical delay I get is when mortars are coming down and I'm suppressed, then I drop to 60 fps. Besides that I'm generally running 90-110 no problem.

Mobo: MSI z87-GD65 Gaming mobo (old DDR3 board)
Processor: Intel i7-4770K 3.5GHZ (OC Stable at 4.0)
GFX: 2x MSI NVIDIA GTX 960's running SLI @ MAX
RAM: 32GB DDR3 1866 (G.Skill sniper series 4-4-4-16)
1kW Silverstone SSGT-1000 PSU
2x SSDs - Samsung Evo 840 (C: drive for OS), Mushkin Chronos 240 (few games not many)
1x HDD (5TB) - Dont remember the brand dont care, it works great, and insurgency sandstorm is installed on it
ASUS VG248QE 144HZ Monitor (Not running G-sync)

This is why I don't understand how everyone has piss poor performance when I'm running on older hardware and not the latest generation of all types of hardware. Everyone seems to have better PC's than I do and yet I run this smooth as can be with little to no issue. The major issue thus far is whenever a heli / fire support order is called in, the latency of everyone jumps to 800+ during the helicopter pushing or the mortars or fire support landing.

The game for some reason has massive instability when it comes to inbound fire support of any kind, minigun, chopper, mortars, etc etc.

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@doghead said in Gun Nuts Report In:

Damn, I didn't know a red glock could be so sexy... đź‘Ś

Thanks bud haha. It came from the factory like this for their marvel series.

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