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Well the only official ones are contained in the rulebooks. The community updated official gangs are available in the NCE (Necromunda Community Edition) and the OCE (Outlanders Community Edition). All the other gangs available in the vault, old or new, are in no way "official".

It all about which ruleset you wish to play, and the various vault resources are tagged appropriately.

ORB - Original Rulebook from 1995
LRB - Living Rulebook from 2001
NCE - Necromunda Community Edition from the last decade of efforts

Most in the 'tribe play NCE, and the YakTribe Necromunda gang and campaign tools default to NCE as well.

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Over at YakTribe Games we have a massive vault of Necromunda resources, collection of all the community created pieces over the last 20 years including some new ones.

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@DeTortor Sure thing! I could direct them to the YakTribe vault for all the resources we have, and we even have a dedicated Lore section of our forums to discuss Necromunda background.

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Great to see a community forum so early! Though a blessing and a curse for you folks 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the progress in the PC adaption of our beloved Necromunda and hope to provide some feedback and suggestions.

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