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so every so in game i encountered a bug that made it where you couldn't open your inventory screen, the map screen, or see what it is you were picking up. i have only encountered this bug once but the only way i saw to fix it was having to leave the game.
you could still pick items up and interact with objects like doors and cars but you just couldn't open inventory or the map, nor could you see what it was you were picking up.
the link is a screenshot of what it looks like in game

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so while playing the beta i noticed that crouch is default to the CTRL key and my CTRL key is broken so i went to change it like i do with other games so i changed it to the C key, i hit apply a few times to make sure that the change went through. But it seems like it doesn't work. i don't know if this is happening to others but it seems like if you change key bindings they don't stick or the game just doesn't like it, hope this is fixed soon

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