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I think I fixed my Sandstorm performance issues. For some reason, setting Texture Streaming to High actually solved it.

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I play tactical FPS games like Insurgency, Sandstorm, etc.

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@gsg_9_lightning said in Why is this game not successful?:

Did i forget something important ? Please add more if so

-> Currently-garbage damage model. 25% of Sandstorm's weapons are capable of one-shotting a player with no armor without a headshot.

-> There's a massive drop in look speed at the center of your screen, but your gun still moves at normal speed, making accurately-aimed hipfire difficult.

-> Ludicrously-high hipfire recoil (about 40% more than the base) makes controlling hipfire hard, if not impossible with weapons that have moderate+ horizontal recoil.

-> Movement mechanics make you Sonic with no weight and a drunk zombie at max weight.

-> There are still glitch spots on the maps that offer players a moderate to severe advantage (i.e. spawnkilling).

-> Spawnkilling, in general.

-> Tagging is horribly inconsistent (still gotta post about this one).

-> I often question how people see me in smoke while I can't see them.

-> Backcapping. IMO, it's not a broken mechanic, but it still pisses players off lmao.

-> Hitreg rarely just takes a dive down the shitter, in both Coop and PvP.


-> Helicopters are nearly impossible to counter.

-> The M4A1 is still annoyingly spammed (as well as the MP5s at this point).

-> Fire Support occasionally bugs out and doesn't strike the intended target.

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@chaton Appreciate it, man! It's a lot to forward, though lmao.

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@cyoce Eh, the thing about Ins2014 is that AP was a thing. However, with stock weapons Ins2014 was nowhere near that damage model with armor equipped. That model is closer to (just a rough estimate):

9x18mm: 1/3/8
9x19mm: 1/3/8
.45 ACP: 1/3/7
5.56mm/5.45mm: 1/2/4
7.62x51mm: 1/1/3

I'd still keep 9x18 and 9x19 pistols at a two-shot for an unarmored player, though, just so that .45 ACP actually has a reason to exist. .45 ACP can't one-shot Light armor lol.

Your model actually gives Light Armor more usefulness than Heavy Armor lol.

My biggest issue with this model, though, is that .308 is a guaranteed one-shot. Back when the Long Barrel made the .308 rifles one-shot, they were absolutely fucking disgusting, and I can guarantee that battle rifles would be the meta. I had one Checkpoint game with 100+ kills in a single round with a M14 EBR back when it one-shotted.

That being said, guns definitely need more f*ckin lethality.

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@jameri said in [Petition To Remove Damage Reflection]:

You are advancing like you do always in insurgency when this guy jumps around you, blocks your fireline and sometimes when fight is intense, boom you headshoot him. Then "team damage has been reflected back onto you" is smacked into your screen. You are like ok

If you headshot a teammate, there's a good chance you're gonna die first; at least, in my experience. I once opened fire (deliberately lol; he TK'd a guy in our group intentionally) on a teammate and I hadn't done any TK damage in that game yet, and somehow I still died first.

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@cyoce I mean, at this point I just enjoy any weapon in Sandstorm that actually one-shots people.

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@buzztr0n said in [Feedback/Critic] Many game aspects still broken as hell - WHY?:

I mean there is obviously a very basic issue considering how the AI runs into burning nades and molotovs

I find it odd that the AI do run from grenades, but not from already-set-off incendiary weapons.

@Action83 Eh, I disagree with your disagreement. The MP5 is really good, but honestly, I wouldn't nerf it to compete with the MP7. The MP5 currently just outclasses the MP7 entirely, but that's not because the MP5 is OP. It's because of a few other reasons:

  1. Armor currently does jack shit and only helps a player survive from about 25% of Sandstorm's firearms, so the MP7s "AP rounds" just go to waste.

  2. The MP7 has more recoil than the MP5 (why?).

  3. The MP7 is way overpriced, with 4-supply Ext Mags.

If anything, at this point it would make more sense to have the MP7 be kind of a "newb" gun with extremely low recoil and high fire rate, but lower damage as a tradeoff. The MP5 could then cost more than the MP7.

A few other things:

-> The Uzi isn't supposed to be on-par with the MP5; it's a cheap weapon. Also, IMO the drum mags are trash; they add a lot more horizontal recoil to the weapon, which severely hinders its controllability.

-> The original cost mechanic of Extended Mag was:

  • One supply for 5-9 rounds
  • Two supply for 10-19 rounds
  • Three supply for 20+ rounds

Now, for balance reasons, you could bypass this rule if necessary (for instance, the SVD's one-supply 15-round mag is incredibly powerful, and should probably cost more IMO). That being said, it's still a pretty balanced way to make the supply costs, and the reason I don't agree with the 40-round MP5/7 mags costing 3/4 supply, respectively.

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@benny Why not the three-teamkill system? That worked decent enough.

Damage reflection, as @GSG_9_LIGHTNING said, can be used to troll incredibly easily. You can literally sit in a teammate's Molotov and watch the teammate burn to death.

Sandstorm, as Mikee as said before, tries to go for complete immersion. Damage from Allah himself upon shooting a teammate kinda subtracts from that.

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Yeah. I never asked for damage reflection. No one else asked for damage reflection.

I know NWI isn't totally driven by community feedback (as that would be a nightmare), but goddamn. If you're gonna add an important mechanic to fix TKing, at least run it by the community first.

The 3-TK system was a good start. Now, though, the 3-TK system is fucking useless because it's impossible to even teamkill three times.

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@grumf Yeah. At least Day of Infamy had a mechanic where you could get AI to follow you if you were an Officer.

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