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"I want NWI to add Ambush into Sandstorm, but don't rush it; I don't want another Ministry lmao." -- Marksman Max on Steam / Discord

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I play tactical FPS games like Insurgency, Sandstorm, etc. I've really been liking Ring Of Elysium lately lmao.

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@planetcanada said in I didn't play Ambush much in Ins2, but...:

@marksmanmax They need to remove the ability to see ammo count by switching weapons because I like the ammo check but it’s currently useless as just scrolling to your next available item via the mouse wheel and then back to your rifle will also show you your ammo count and it’s much faster than the actually ammo count check feature lol!

Fuck I swear there was a post about this but I can't find it.

Currently, you can check your ammo left in your mag via switching weapons or starting a reload, then immediately canceling it. IMO, both of these features should go.

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Alright, so after a DM on Discord James said this:

"Hi there,

I appreciate the feedback, but the decision was made not because of the actual content of his posts, but due to the nature of them, which were always to rile up the people he was conversing with. This ban comes after multiple warnings, both on Discord and the forums."

I sent another message to em already but he didn't intentionally rile people up. He just got pissed when people make their arguments as to why something should or shouldn't change without providing any facts as to why. Think Ben Shapiro lmao. That guy can roast anyone.

@planetcanada said in Bring @Benz Back:

Benz was toxic. I’ve read a ton of his comments and all it ever was, was cathedral ceilings and everyone is bad at the game and wrong and these are “facts” because he said it and he’s better than everyone and no one has any arguments against him because he’s always right even if someone gave him an argument. Good riddance!

The issue with this is that not that many people gave him an argument to begin with lmao. He's never said this about himself literally ever. You'd have to quote it for me to believe you on this one.

It's pretty easy to win an argument when your opponent doesn't have an argument.

@tuliottr said in Bring @Benz Back:

good riddance!! He was one of the reasons I was giving up discussing stuff on this forum. I legit couldn't tell if he was trolling or being serious

I mean, if you had a legitimately good argument, then you could actually defend it. I'm not letting "one guy" prevent me from discussing shit. Ironically, other people on this forum have made me want to give up on life more than Benz.
@jensiii said in Bring @Benz Back:

@iyagovos said in Bring @Benz Back:

@thehappybub Disputing a warning is perfectly okay, and is not what got Benz removed from these forums.

It would be nice to know what exactly did get him removed? I suppose there's no need to not make it very clear for everyone.

Honestly, the message I ended up getting from James was cryptic at best and had no examples of what he was talking about.

@jensiii said in Bring @Benz Back:

He was giving arguments from the viewpoint of making the game more competitive (NOTE: I don't necessarily agree that I would like the game to be a competitive game). He had valid points for that point of view. Most of the people who "argued" with him could not counter his arguments in any way and "got their feelings hurt" by feeling inferior. Whenever someone actually gave proper, real arguments, instead of blind denial, @benz tried to counter in a proper way. I learned a lot from reading his arguments.

He always said that he accepts if someone prefers something just because the person likes it. But that's not argumenting about if something is better for a certain gameplay reason.

This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. Benz is probably going for the Competitive viewpoint because that's what NWI is actually trying to do as far as I know.

I'm convinced that everyone that hates Benz just can't defend a proper argument and then they just get pissed off and cry for mods. I'm just actually surprised James decided to ban him since he never did anything banworthy. Shit, he never even directly insulted anyone. Possibly indirectly, but from some of the shit I've seen on this forum how is Benz the guy hit with the ban hammer?

@planetcanada said in Bring @Benz Back:

@jensiii Right because telling me I’m obviously awful at the game because my k/d ratio isn’t amazing and I can’t aim because I pointed out that there are obvious issues with the hit reg are some seriously valid points...

To be fair, the lack of a player's ability to aim was one of the reasons armor got nerfed when the hitreg was fixed. He probably just told you you can't aim because I have zero hitreg problems nowadays. I don't think hitreg is an issue, and if you do think it's an issue you'd have to post video evidence of it or else we really can't help you at all.

@thehappybub said in Bring @Benz Back:

I still fail to understand how this is toxic though... sounds like some people don't like him and that's why he got banned.

Yup. He got kicked because people didn't like what he had to say.

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@eyeofhorus I once almost died by a suicide bomber's knife lol.

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@invisible-milk Also, Mikee said on the podcast that the flashbang effect is currently temporary. It'll probably wind up being more like the Ins2014 flashbangs but more reliable.

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@planetcanada I mean, I don't want NWI "stealing" from other games. Maybe "borrowing" lol.

Btw, Mikee said on the podcast that the HUD design for checking your ammo count was inspired by SWAT 4 and my faith in humanity has been restored.

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Just sent a DM to James. We'll see what happens from here.

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@thehappybub I feel like I'm about to get banned from the Sandstorm Discord since I'm talking about Benz right now lol.

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@thehappybub said in We don't want the one hit kills.:

@zucchini said in We don't want the one hit kills.:

if the answer is less than 100

Over 300 hrs for me, most of the people supporting my arguments have even more time.

1400+ and I think TTK on armored targets needs to be a bit higher lmao.

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@thehappybub Reasonable, I suppose, although SS bots at least try to take cover when shot at and also lean (which is kinda annoying tbh).

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@thehappybub I won't doubt until it actually drops. Then I'll run some damage model tests. I'll be optimistic til them.

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