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I think I fixed my Sandstorm performance issues. For some reason, setting Texture Streaming to High actually solved it.

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I play tactical FPS games like Insurgency, Sandstorm, etc.

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@turyl said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

The problem isn't that 7.62x51 is capable of killing with one shot to the chest even through light armor.

The problem is every caliber below 7.62x51 it isn't!

The only times i don't use an EBR or FAL is to either fk around or be lighter on my feet.

7.62x39 needs a buff... 5.56 needs a slight buff...Everything else is fine.

After 530 hrs this is one of the most annoying problems. I find myself thinking
'' I guess i have to use the SVD/EBR/FAL... or the guy i'm shooting at will get cover before i can finish him off.''

**Only two things matter when it comes to guns for competitive play in this game...

1- If it can one shot an enemy.
2- Or it keeps you light on your feet.

If it can't do either of those things i won't touch it when i play seriously.

If you really wan't to keep everyone happy have two modes for each gametype. A high realistic damage mode and a lower damage arcade mode. But that would require a larger player base. I'm sure it would be a welcome addition on consoles.

Personally, I don't really agree with your proposed solution, but I'll definitely talk about the problem.

First of all, in terms of the damage model; in most cases, your equipped weapon will have basically the same shots to kill as another weapon. Every single firearm in Sandstorm, in CQB, kills in 1-3 shots, with about 75% of Sandstorm's firearms always being 2-3 shots to kill.

Also, these shots-to-kill stats I'm talking about? That takes into account all armor types; no, Light, and Heavy Armor have virtually no effect on shots to kill.

I'm not gonna talk about how Light Armor is OP or anything because it's not. It's actually complete horseshit. Hell, even Heavy barely does anything unless you're in a battle-rifle lobby, and even then you can pretty much forget it if you're Security as there are five Insurgents who can use an SVD in Push and Skirmish.

The main problem is the fact that every soldier in Sandstorm is a fuckin bodybuilder or something. About 25% of Sandstorm's weapons can take down a player with one torso shot who isn't wearing any armor. Out of those guns (which adds to eleven, I believe; M24, Mosin, SVD, M14 EBR, G3, FAL, M240B, MG3, PKM, TOZ, R870), eight of them one-shot Heavy Armor as well (the only three that don't are the battle rifles).

To compare, in Ins2014, every single firearm in the game could one-shot an unarmored player to the torso at close range (and basically any range in that game lmao). 9mm would have to hit the upper chest to one-shot; everything else simply required a hit somewhere on the torso. This is when using standard FMJ ammo; HP and AP are not used here.

@whitby said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

You realise 7.62x51 from a SCAR won't kill an unarmoured target with a shot directly through the heart, right?

You realise they stated this was intentional by design and they wouldn't be fixing it?

A coop gamemode with believable recoil and high lethality would be nothing less than fucking beautiful. And no damage reflection. Fuck that.

I would refuse to believe you about the SCAR-H, but I actually got into an argument with one of the mods on the NWI Official Discord about this. It went something like:

Max: The SCAR-H is essentially a reskin of the AKM.
Mod: Actually, it does much more damage.
Max: Yeah, but that doesn't matter since it's still always a two-shot kill.
Mod: Yeah, the SCAR-H does 96 damage (which is more than the AKM, I'm assuming).
Max: So in other words, it's a two-shot kill?

Granted, I'm not hating on him or anything since he's not actually a Dev, but this better not be by fucking design.

Also, you probably know my opinion on damage reflection. I've started a petition on the Forums about that shit.

@mainfold said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

The weapon damage in the game is 100% working as intended and based on physics. Don't argue with it.

So physics dictate that a .308 battle rifle can't put down a target with no armor in one shot, but a shotgun slug can take down a target with Heavy Armor with a single shot?

I swear this is the dumbest shit I've read in a while.

@mainfold said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

The velocities of different weapons are based on what they have in real life. Don't argue with it.

Remind me again how a P226 and a Glock 17 have better bullet velocities than an MP5A4?

@mainfold said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

The damage is based on projectile type (size/weight/mass/material/etc) combined with velocity. Don't argue with that either.

So, again, remind me how a .308 can't one-shot a player with no armor. Seriously, this makes no fucking sense regardless of how you look at it.

@mainfold said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

If two different guns have the same projectile (and caliber), but in different rounds (i.e; 7.62x39mm and 7.62x51mm, they both have the same "pill" aka projectile), but they move at different speeds because of the powder differences in the different rounds allow for higher velocity in theory... but the barrel-length of the firearms put them at the same velocity....

As long as all the power burns, there's honestly not a huge difference in velocity when it comes to barrel length. Obviously, it has an effect on velocity, but a few inches doesn't make that big of a firepower change.

Also, you seemed to completely forget that bullets have something called "grain" to them. A .308 weighs a bit more than a 7.62x39 last time I checked. This really fucks with your argument since a heavier bullet moving at the same speed as a lighter bullet would make the heavier one do more damage.

If you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, you should just stop.

@mainfold said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

AKM & SCAR-H have roughly the same velocity

Yeah, according to the Sandstorm stats chart, which is completely reliable. Both guns even have the same penetration power which makes zero fucking sense.

@mainfold said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

The only time you can start to complain, is when it comes to things not performing as they should..

So, in order words, exactly what he's talking about? NANI?

@mainfold said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

Maybe some other that use bullet-hosing to compensate?

So in order words, the current meta of this game in Competitive (MP5, MP7, M4A1). Yeah. that dumb shit is annoying and not like Ins2014 gameplay at all, which involves single-tapping and firing in short bursts. That's all you needed in Source.

@mainfold said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

L86 is probably my go-to for 5.56x45mm overall.

This is actually a worse bullet-hose weapon since it has less firerate than other 5.56 options.

@mainfold said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

50cal rifles are coming, lol can't wait for the 50 meta sigh

My assumption is that they're gonna be Marksman-only, and I am also kind of assuming they'll be armed with APIT (Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer) rounds, which would add more firepower but make the shooter easier to spot to balance it.

@turyl said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

There aren't any AP rounds in the game atm though. (maybe that could fix the problem??)

There are some guns that have AP as a standard. The MP7 has AP, as well, but you can basically ignore it since it's essentially a full-auto Makarov with slightly better range/consistency.

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@tallsfalls said in [Petition To Remove Damage Reflection]:

I didn't read the whole thread, but I want to say I don't think damage reflection is an issue. The only possible issue I see is with commanders. I played Insurgency Sandstorm for 130 hours and I've never killed myself because of damage reflection. People have to learn to not shot their teammates.

I don't think you've ever been in a match with trolls who know how to abuse this, then.

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Yup. These bugs are still in-game so I'm bumping this post, too.

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Welp, gotta bump this again as these bugs are all still in-game. I edited the OP to show the bugs in the 1.14 version.

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While I don't agree with what OP's saying exactly, I do think Heavy Armor should at least do something in-game, because right now it really doesn't do jack shit. Helps against battle rifles, some handguns, and some SMGs, but it makes literally no difference against any assault rifle, shotgun, or LMG.

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Bumping as this bug is still exploitable.

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@gsg_9_lightning Sorry for the late-ish reply.

No, these frags are not actual frags. The one up in my face is literally floating in the air lmao.

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Personally, I loved the ability to hipfire while sliding. Now, the angle you could actually hipfire in was insanity (you could look like 80 degrees left or right while sliding) but it meant that if you were caught in a slide you could still fight back.

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@cyoce said in Idea: Redesign of the ammo, explosives, and gear carrying system.:

This would be great. I hate how few pistol mags you get even if you're not running a primary.

I'd love to run around with an M9 with ten mags and just John Wick everyone on the map.

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@cyoce Here's my stance on it.

I like the idea of limb shots affecting your character negatively, as long as those negative effects can be countered by a good player. I don't need another Escape From Tarkov. Having a broken leg that lasts until you die would be a terrible mechanic in Sandstorm (it's garbage in EFT).

For instance, getting shot in the leg might cause you to stumble or something, but you can still aim and fire. I wouldn't actually recommend having your character straight-up fall unless maybe you were sprinting or something when you were shot.

I'd be careful with arm shots adding more sway or worsening ADS speed, as you can't do fuck-all about that. Maybe some extra recoil would be balanced, as a good player can at least account for that when returning fire.

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