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I play tactical FPS games like Insurgency, Sandstorm, etc.

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I do have a massive thread on the general side on AI issues that I think need to be tweaked, and I linked this video there, but I'm gonna make a separate post about it:

Youtube Video

So, this video has six clips. I'll talk about them in order.

  1. I die by a bot seemingly not in view? I wasn't shot through the wall, either. Maybe it's a netcode thing or something.

  2. This clip is actually a bug that I've talked about before, but this is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. AI can basically see through anything that's transparent and anything that can be walked through. This includes leaves on trees. grass on the ground, and even the curtains in Objective Alpha on Outskirts HC Insurgents.

  3. A bot melees me while in midair? You can't even see the animation, either.

  4. A bot manages to disable my gun with a melee charge, even though the melee charge didn't even hit me?

  5. A suicide bomber kills me through a solid concrete wall on Outskirts? He didn't even seem close to it when the vest went off, either.

  6. A suicide bomber yells and detonates, but his cell phone never goes off.

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New video up here! This is just a short one about some random bugs, and I'm gonna make another video or two that will be longer. I'll add it to the OP as well:

Youtube Video

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@chaton said in [Petition To Add Ambush To Sandstorm]:

As mentioned in the thread, the team are still committed to developping this PvP mode. However, I'll pass your opinions on to the team, so they can have a better idea about this.

In the recent streams, Mikee went a bit more in-depth on why Ambush is being delayed, and while I'm still not happy about the news, he did at least make the whole decision a bit clearer. Still, I kinda wish it was picked over Outpost lol.

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@chaton About time a mod finally responded lol. This thread's been up since March.

@CatNipples said in [Petition To Remove Damage Reflection]:

yo devs... 26 up votes and 2.1k views. Maybe this is hinting towards something?????????????????

lmao my thoughts exactly

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@Abekrie said in The Current Bot AI - Bugs, Suggestions & Tactics [Currently Updating To 1.13.1]:

The part where bots kill you in one shot, despite not being to the head and with a "low damage" gun, is something I've had happen to me many times. Quite a few instances where they'd snap and one-shot me even when they should be at a disadvantage.

I've recently got a few more clips showing this exact bug, and I'm working on a second video montage with clips recorded after the 1.3 update and the hotfix.

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@CatNipples said in Foregrips are far too good and need a nerf:

Ok? And? There will always be a "meta" gun. There will always be metas in general. CSGO has the AK47 and it's a meta gun. Your argument has no backing.

Well, while some guns are better than others in Ins2014, there wasn't really a clear weapon meta, mainly because AP and HP were so effective. Even with standard ammo, all weapons are capable of one-shotting someone in the arm and head, so you can still shit on people.

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@LetsGoChamp said in Competitive Dead?:

I.S. was never a comp game in the first place. Nor was it a zombie killing Halloween game. But that's what NWI decided to do with this one. Sad, as this is one of the many reasons only 2K players play this Worldwide

Sad but true. At its core, Insurgency wasn't a balanced game at all; it was just a very fun and lethal one. Competitive really just wasn't designed to work with Insurgency.

Attempting to balance the gunplay and damage model for Competitive purposes in Sandstorm has only fucked over the gameplay experience for everyone.

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@Ziggylata Yeah, it seems to work fine for me. I thought the M24 should've been bolting faster, but I'm too used to the Greased Bolt, I guess.

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@Dutchxarms It's not a latency issue or anything, though. It's an actual AI problem.

@LetsGoChamp said in Im starting a new account:

I know it does. No doubt in mind. I just wish I had been recording some of my game footage before and after. But there's absolutely zero doubt it scales. There was a slight difference at 300. But there was a HUGE difference after 400. I mean so much so that my death count went up 400%.

I'm only level 72 and I already felt like Sandstorm just hates me, so much so that I've uninstalled the game and am just waiting for the next update.

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@LetsGoChamp said in Toggleable optics : what's the point of using 1x optics/iron sights ?...:

Notice: No community managers or devs even commenting. LMFAO!! They only respond to "safe" threads. LOL

Well, that would explain why the most upvoted post on this entire forum section (which is one of my posts) has never been commented on by a mod because it's a conversation about damage reflection.