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I play tactical FPS games like Insurgency, Sandstorm, etc.

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Well, I'll be damned! This post is now the second most upvoted post on this entire subforum! I actually have both of the top rated posts now:


I had no idea this post had 20 upvotes.

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Added in the "bots being invisible" bug. I'm sure it's known by NWI, though.

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@circlegod Yeah, this could be pretty cool to see in-game. Two barrels (loaded with different shell types) might be a bit tricky to operate but would add some versatility.

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@bahzooga said in it's ridiculously harsh how little XP you get from playing all 3 co op checkpoint rounds but failing at the last point everytime. IT TOOK AN HOUR.:

...ranking up further will only transform you into a magic bullet sponge for the ai as you will be targeted more often

Not in the works yet, but I'm 100% making a video with examples showcasing this exact issue.

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@Whitby said in Just make a goddamn Ins2014 mode already...:

In other news I completed every single achievement in Day of Infamy yesterday. Good game, would recommend to anybody who wants something like what Sandstorm is falsely advertised to be.


At first, I was disappointed by Day of Infamy because I thought it would just be WW2 Insurgency (although it wasn't really advertised like that anyway), but it's a pretty good game. Good shit getting all the achievements; I'm still working on some, but some of my achievements are bugged (i.e. the grenade ones) and I can't seem to get those, ever.

@planetcanada I'm probably gonna start a thread about a similar mode later today or something.

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@MAA_Bunny said in Heckler & Koch HK416:

Is this a (another) petition to have the HK416 added to the game? I'll say the same thing I always do: in game terms it would offer virtually no difference from the M-4A1 and Mk.18 that's already in the game.

It would basically just be a Mk 18 lmao.

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@tzaeru said in [Petition To Add Ambush To Sandstorm]:

Ambush was my favorite mode in Ins2014. I don't know if adding it now to Sandstorm would unnecessarily split the playerbase further, but it was a great game mode.

I don't think it would split the playerbase at all, really. Ambush already has a dedicated playerbase that hasn't moved to Sandstorm since it's not in-game yet.

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I do have a massive thread on the general side on AI issues that I think need to be tweaked, and I linked this video there, but I'm gonna make a separate post about it:

Youtube Video

So, this video has six clips. I'll talk about them in order.

  1. I die by a bot seemingly not in view? I wasn't shot through the wall, either. Maybe it's a netcode thing or something.

  2. This clip is actually a bug that I've talked about before, but this is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. AI can basically see through anything that's transparent and anything that can be walked through. This includes leaves on trees. grass on the ground, and even the curtains in Objective Alpha on Outskirts HC Insurgents.

  3. A bot melees me while in midair? You can't even see the animation, either.

  4. A bot manages to disable my gun with a melee charge, even though the melee charge didn't even hit me?

  5. A suicide bomber kills me through a solid concrete wall on Outskirts? He didn't even seem close to it when the vest went off, either.

  6. A suicide bomber yells and detonates, but his cell phone never goes off.

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New video up here! This is just a short one about some random bugs, and I'm gonna make another video or two that will be longer. I'll add it to the OP as well:

Youtube Video

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@chaton said in [Petition To Add Ambush To Sandstorm]:

As mentioned in the thread, the team are still committed to developping this PvP mode. However, I'll pass your opinions on to the team, so they can have a better idea about this.

In the recent streams, Mikee went a bit more in-depth on why Ambush is being delayed, and while I'm still not happy about the news, he did at least make the whole decision a bit clearer. Still, I kinda wish it was picked over Outpost lol.