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@jellyfoosh said in Necromunda Pre-Alpha Closed Playtest:

Right now you can't apply for the next testing session yet. When we need more testers, we'll let people know how to join on Discord and the Forums.

How to join discord? Like which discord channel? It is disabled in the community screen.

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Any news about needed testers? I would love to help you develop this game because you did a great job with mordheim especially for being an indie studio,



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Hi there,

I also played Mordheim and loved it but as some of you already mentioned the missions will get quite boring very fast and no one is playing online.
Although i like warhammer fantasy much more than 40k, this game could be very great if they work on these weaknesses of mordheim.
For the multiplayer i suggest:

  1. I do not know if the perma death and perma wounds work for multiplayer because it is much harder to play against humans and in a perfect match making you will always barely win if you win at all. Could be quite depressing seeing your folks die and being wounded all the time (although i love this system for the campaign)
  2. I wished there would be any way of coop. For story mode or to play pvp 2vs2. I enjoy playing games with friends much more than alone!

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