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The season ends soon. Looks like I wont make it, especially since I just lost another match just this afternoon.

Be interested to see how next season goes, as I only just started playing blood bowl 2 in the last couple of months, and this was my first open league.

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Just checked the leaderboard
Its a private league.
ANZAC Open Season 4
Marni Ranked 12 - 3 wins 2 Draws 1 Loss
Spoonman Ranked 8 - 1 win 1 draw 0 loss

Is there a legit reason I am not ahead of him, or is it a bug?

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Thanks Mercy, and Thanks Mike.
The league isnt listed, it is a private league, but I am not an admin, so I dont think I am allowed to get it listed.

I can check in a couple of hours anyway.

I am just at work, I am suppose to be started my BAS, but Its really hot here, and the air con guy is installing a new system, so I couldn’t be stuffed doing Taxes.

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Ok, since I cant log in to confirm my win lose record for a few hours. Is there any way I can check the leaderboard for my league without being in the Blood Bowl 2 game?

Maybe I have 2 loses, or 3 draws. I don’t think I do. But I guess I must, because I am 12th and my opponent i wish to eliminate is still 8th

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On the leaderboard in my league, an opponent is on 1 win and 1 draw and 0 loses.

I am on 3 wins 2 draws and 1 lose.

This link shows the forumla, but I am too stupid to work it out.

How many more wins do I need to overtake my opponent on the leaderboard and make the finals?

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Its always worked like that on the PC versions. I dont know the exact wording in the rules, but its as intended.

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Is this the whinge thread?

I would like to say that I love Blood Bowl.
I have played hundreds of online games, and still havent used all the teams, so will be playing hundreds more.

I think Blood Bowl 2 was poorly executed.
-I dont like the entire user interface at all
-league management lacks a laundry list of features.
-The models still can’t be customised enough, even the paint schemes don’t have enough choices.

The random nature of the game is the only thing that keeps me playing.

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@voodoomike said in Killing the fun, likely I stop playing again 😞:Yeah, I don't think they'd opt for that.

They already insult you for logging out. I was just keeping with the theme they initiated.

I personally don’t think the game needs to insult me at all, but the game makers did.

and its not like it comes up every time you would play, only when you make the team.

“Are you sure you wish to make a team with players who can’t die, none of the cool kids are doing it”

I’m not sure the exact wording, but that would be my compromise.

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@voodoomike said : That's not a reason for people to be unable to play rez

I guess its OK. I dont mind, I will add though that If you do select ‘rez’ team the game should warn you that you are a weakling, or something. Just to remind them 🙂

I would play in whatever league has the most players, so I get variety, and quick games etc.

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@voodoomike : do you object to other people doing it, and if so... why?

I already mentioned...

I think it takes away an element of randomness. I need my opponents to have random deaths to help even the playing field.

I have less skill, My team composition will be less than optimal, and my skills picked may not be the best. I want my opponents to be a little more ramshackle like me.

Why do coaches want a rez team?
-They want to be proud of a team? They could be even prouder to make their team with out Rez.
-They want to make their own perfect team? They can already do that by clicking on ‘custom team’ during team creation.
-*They don’t want a team ruined by losing a star? This one is understandable, but your opponents can be just as unlucky. Its not uneven, its just a cold justice.

(Also sorry I don’t know how quotes work on my Iphone)