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They seem to have fixed this, so props for that. They did it in such a way that didn't nerf jumping except as a combat tactic, which is fine with me.

BTW, I had not seen this behavior much until recently, but I posted this thread because that night I was playing and at least 3 people pulled it off successfully in one round. That's why I sound annoyed in the OP, though to be fair this was an indefensibly gamey tactic.

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One of the major steps down from classic INS is the indefensibly overeffective nature of jumping. Not only is chest-high jumping no longer needed (did you guys never stop to think that the only reason this is a gaming trope is because vaulting didn't used to be a thing? We have vaulting now!), but it's realism-breaking in the extreme.

Sandstorm has a become a game which rewards tactics like entering a room by jumping sideways, because of the ridiculously hyperactive jump mechanic and the complete lack of penalty for what should be considered hard landings.

NWI needs to ask themselves: do they really want INS to become Quake, or do they want it to preserve its reputation as a somewhat realistic tactical shooter?

This crap needs to be ended, permanently. There is no room for debate on this point IMO. Halve the jumping height, or apply huge penalties to aim after a chest-high landing. No human in reality has ever leaped sideways 5 feet in the air into a room to effect a dynamic entry. It's not humanly possible, trying would be a death sentence, and this game needs to reflect that reality. I have watched hundreds of hours of combat footage and I have yet to even ONCE see a human leap through the air like he's pulled by a wire. A guy in combat kit would be lucky to jump 2 feet straight up, much less fly across a room in a parabolic arc.

Folks who possess a compulsion to jump can play virtually every other trash shooter out there.

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It happens with rifles too, tho inconsistently. Sometimes if I R+R with rounds left, the guy does a simple quick reload. Other times he needlessly runs the action, ejecting a live round from the chamber and wasting a bunch of time.

Given that this seems to be about 50% of the time (I haven't identified any pattern yet), it almost defeats the point of using R+R, which is sad given that the improved reload mechanics are one of the best things about this game's mechanics.

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