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Doing "short, controlled bursts" also helps a ton with managing the recoil when not on the bipod.

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"Friendly fire, isn't" but removing it or auto-lowering of weapon is not a solution. Removing the reflect and figuring out another way to deal with trolls (cough votekick cough) is.

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I agree on having different controls for SFX vs music (vs voip) but I also think it's a cool bit of realism that it's basically impossible to communicate when there's full-auto fire and explosions everywhere.

Which reminds me, ArmA ACE (Advanced Combat Environment) mod has a really cool option for simulating hearing damage; if you don't put on your earplugs (which of course makes it harder to hear soft sounds) then in a firefight you'll soon only be hearing the virtual ringing of your characters ears.

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The reflect is a bit stupid mechanism. Idiots will be idiots and there's very little that can be done about that while maintaining any resemblance of realism.

I also don't really see how the reflection deters trolls and griefers in any way, they just find another way to make life hard (like running into your fire, triggering the reflect on you...)

Sure votekicks can be abused by a group of griefers, but how common is that anyway ? And if there's a in-game reporting function it's trivial to report such behaviour and hopefully the group of asshats gets slapped sooner rather than later.

In all the games that have votekick that I've played I have never personally seen it abused and it has been very helpful in getting rid of that occasional idiot that does not listen when told to act like an adult.

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Youtube Video

My teammates said that to them the fire was "very visible", later maybe in different map but same session I saw some "ghosts", stuck AI that did not do anything and were not physics-enabled (I could shoot through them etc) which my teammates did not see but I accidentally deleted that capture.

Anyway it went away with a game restart so just a heads-up if someone else has seen something like this it might be worth investigating further.

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Ok, did some testing.

  1. When connected via USB it is a wired controller, I removed the wireless receiver and the controller is visible in the system and works fine.
  2. In menus mixing kb/mouse and controller input worked fine, however in the game I had to unplug the controller to get kb/mouse control back.
  3. In the game I could not use the controller for control, maybe missing bindings maybe some artefact is unplug/re-plug, didn't test various scenarios.

Capture of my quick test session.

Youtube Video

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Ok, I just don't know enough of the "tricks of the trade" then, or we mean different things by "rendering".

If someone has a link to a technical description of how "server side rendering" is done for smoke (and how it's blended with the client-side rendering of everything else I'd be glad to read/watch one (I am a programmer, just not game/graphics one)

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I don't see how they could be rendered server-side and still work with everything else rendered client side (rendering everything on server and sending video back to players is obviously no-go for a bazillion reasons).

So yeah, having particle effects set to low could easily lead to someone having almost visibility in "diffuse smoke", otoh in "dense smoke" they would just see a wall of grey.

NOTE: I'm not sure what settings actually affect particle effect rending or if it's actually used for smoke in this case but smoke is a classic example of particle effect.

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My point was that 200 people is worth just about nothing in the grand scheme of thing. As such "your war clan" isn't a valid business reason to do anything.

Of course there might be 20k people "just waiting for a clan system" which is a wholly different thing (though 600k doesn't buy too many man-years either).

We can ignore the large rooms for the moment, everything in the game is built for squad-level CQB. It would take redesigning everything to support large scale battles (probably tens of man-years of work). Also there are already games that do it, it's not easy to try to get into their market. Maybe they're more arcadey run and gun instead of realistic tactical action but a whole lot of people do not really want realistic action (or ArmA would have the player populations of BF4)

As for "kid", as stated above: Having played clan matches at the time of the original Quake, before TeamSpeak even existed, these did not give any hints to the timeline ? Quake was published 1996 and TeamSpeak 2001, which places those clan leagues to the late 90s, slightly over 20 years ago. Sure we were teenagers back then (as if anyone studying seriously or working for a living could have played video games all night almost every day) but it's been a while... I may be out of touch though but ad-hominems don't really help your cause any.

But for clan leagues, those definitely can be done unofficially by the community. It's been done 20 years ago and everything related to building something like that has only gotten easier since then.

Hell, CS:GO has 5 man teams (fireteam instead of squad), and it definitely has built some serious "clan leagues" (of course it's called eSports these days but it too started small and unofficial)...

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