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@PrivateX-0 dude, you were pinged in the previous thread you started to provide some debugging info for the devs...

The thread in question:

edit: also, all-caps, really? you think YELLING will help your case any ? How well does it work in the real world for you to SCREAM AT EVERYONE when you're the slightest bit annoyed ??

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To be fair I've seen some pretty crazy stuff done with a gamepad, but those people are all the way right on the skill bell curve.

Playing FPS on a gamepad is just a very bad idea unless you happen to have sensitivity and coordination of this guy (and crazy quality pad that can actually accurately and repeatably measure tiny movements)

Youtube Video

Modern quadcopters with their MCU assisted control (at the very least, can't control one without) and very fancy computer control in case of DJIs for example give people completely wrong idea of how easy it's to fly a traditional configuration of RC heli, it's super hard, and keeping one hovering stable so close to the ground (in the "ground effect") takes a metric ton of skill (my olskool heli is basically permantently "under repair", the Mavic on the other hand is trivially easy to fly and even if I sometimes break props they're cheap [even the DJI originals] compared to size 500 heli main prop blades).

edit: the RC controller is basically a fancy gamepad, two sticks and a bunch of switches.

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settings screenshots:

forcing "SLI rendering mode" to "Single-GPU" in NVidia control panel (manage 3D settings and then program specific settings) makes the problem go away but I'd hardly call it a solution, more like a temporary workaround.


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Mouse and keyboard are just better for FPS and will always be. You can always up your control sensitivity to the wazoo to get faster response from the pad but it comes with other tradeoffs.

Now, doing something "realistic" with the character rotation or aim movement rates is rather more complicated than just limiting it.

And doing full 180 degree turn is actually quite quick for a human to do as long as they're not having the gun up in the "on target, ready to fire" -position (vs the various "ready" positions as referred to in most forms of firearms training) where the extra mass far away from the rotational axis will add a fair bit of moment of inertia (also it's super bad form to barrel sweep like that if we're talking about real weapons)

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ping @chaton just in case the original post did not get proper attention as a bug report.

This happens in range too, and I expect it to happen everywhere. At one point after playing around with a whole bunch of settings in the range it seemed to be fixed, but joining a friends game lead all broken again and going back to range still broken so the settings changes did not help.

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Same problem after NVidia driver update

Youtube Video

dual GTX1070 high-bandwidth SLI, worked fine for over 6 months, now b0rked.

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Just nitpicking but can't leave it be: DAC stands for Digital Analog Converter, and there's going to be one involved everywhere data is converted into pressure waves, ie audio you can hear.

But yes all "enhancement" (apart from maybe just plain old EQ, if needed to get flat response from not-so-great headphones, but depending on how the EQ is actually implemented it might cause weird side effects, also: do not "leave it flat", turn it off completely, see note1) is going to mess up the binaural sound designed to work with plain stereo output.

I see no reason why a stereo headset with built-in USB DAC would not work just fine as long as it's plain stereo without anything "enhancing" the signal and the headset analog side is of reasonable quality.

That said, I don't understand why anyone would actually want a fully integrated USB setup (apart from the RGB LED control bling, but I never understood that either). a decent quality stereo+mic DAC is not expensive or big and you don't need any drivers since it's an audio device as defined by the USB standard, everything supports those out-of-the-box. Then you can plug in whatever headset you happen to like or even separate headphones and microphone. Maybe it's because sales/marketing -people can make one want all kinds of things that on closer inspection are not all that desirable.

Also regarding "enhancing": HiFi stands for High Fidelity, where fidelity means faithful(nes). Faithfully reproducing the sound as it was recorded (or intended to be reproduced if generated on the fly) any "enhancement" of the sound goes completely against this principle.

note1: because in "flat" it's still doing the time-domain to frequency-domain and back to time-domain conversions even if it's not doing any changes when in frequency domain, but this goes a bit deep into theory.

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Just confirming that it's not a problem with "USB DAC" in general, it's something else related to this particular headset, which has more "features" than just stereo out, mic in.

If I had to guess the "virtual surround" driver messes things up, it being "disabled" doesn't neccessarily mean a thing unless it can be completely uninstalled. Also possible that the headset just has a weird physical configuration that has been designed for optimal performance with the "virtual surround" system and completely messes up binaural stereo, in which case there's very little the devs can do about it (basically they can only start fully supporting the "virtual surround" thing but that's not a small effort, especially since there's bound to be subtle differences between drivers).

If it's the driver, unless the game somehow can tell the driver to stop playing silly buggers with the stereo sound the game is playing (it's not like the game uses any sort of direct access to the sound hardware, it all goes through the windows sound api) there's again very little the devs can realistically do about it.

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@MAA_Bunny yeah.

Though if the observers are not helping the commander then the commander can simply switch classes, it's not like it's "a better class" in any way when they can't use supports and team is not any worse off because they were not going to get that support anyway. Maybe someone else will step up and manages to convince the observers to be better team players.

The commander doing the "wrong things" and not taking instruction or stepping down is more of a problem for the team.

And yeah, definitely gotten my share of salt from people who run right under my supports even though I always announce them in voice and often even before actually calling the support tell the team to slow down a bit because I intend to call supports before we go to the point.

I play commander most of the time because no-one else seems to want to and I see the value of having those supports... "It's a shitty job, but someone gotta do it"

edit: I also generally play with a few friends in a group so I almost always have a "trustworthy" observer, they take one observer first then I'll see if anyone else is willing to play commander. if not I'll step up, if yes good for them, they have a good observer.

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I use the Asus Xonar U3 as plain stereo DAC (and ADC for the microphone, headset is fully analog) and it works fine. Never used any "virtual surround" systems, they just confuse things when properly designed binaural stereo works just fine.

I don't watch movies on my computer, I have a proper 7.1 soundsystem and projector for that, so I have no use for a driver that pretends to be multiple actual stereo channels and maps to binaural stereo. And of course one would hope that the sound designers for the movie mixed the plain old stereo soundtrack properly too and in that case the virtual driver probably leads to poorer results.