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@steakboy1 said in Valrak says we need PVP, + the future.:

Possibly the taint of Slaanesh in him I feel. Best to purge with cleansing flame just to be safe.

This is how I approach most situations in my life.

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@psyco said in One-shot xeno:

@tmpwhore what im trying to say is that after xeno kills me, i watch through the deathcam as he one-shoots the rest of the squad, de-cloaked.

Stalkers don't need to be invisible in order to kill you in one swing. They just do that much damage on Lion's Sword and No Mercy difficulties. It's not a bug, that's just the way they work. Only solution is to be careful enough to take them out before they wreck you.

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Which posts are you referring to?

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@voldo said in Suggestion for immersion and "fixes":

  1. in random missions, hide map (aka add "fog of war"). Only show areas you have been.

This could be cool, it would force people to memorize the layout of the different ships before playing Special Missions/harder difficulties.

  1. make maps randomly go dark. I mean, kill the ♥♥♥♥ing lights. What kind of space hulk has all lights/candles burning? Make corridors DARK. Only light coming from terminator suits, and gun fire. Makes game feel more distressing and epic, and firefights in narrow corridors look damn awesome when suit lights and gun muzzle fire revealing the approaching hordes.

I really like this suggestion, and would love to see something like it added to the game. In addition, I love the way the maps sometimes "tilt," or shift slightly off-kilter as though the Space Hulk is shifting beneath your feet. If both of these things could happen fairly frequently in harder-difficulty games, it would really help the feel of being in a hostile environment.

  1. disappointed with the amount of genestealers attacking. 80% cases they some in group of 5-10 and one-by-one. From all games i have played (within 170+70 hours), can count the situations where i thought "ok there are quite many of them coming" with my one hand's fingers.

I could be ok with more of the "runtier" enemies spawning (regular Genestealers, hybrid shooters, etc.) but I feel like I get enough Stalkers, Suiciders, Aberrants, and Scythe-Strain/Broodlords on No Mercy personally.

-there would be elements that trigger bigger waves: gunshots, blowing up doors, general running/stomping around. At certain levels it would trigger "roosts" to vomit massive waves of genestealers against terminators.

I am totally behind this suggestion. I love it. Would make you want to get through levels as safely as possible without waking up a Horde by kicking too much ass.

  1. Audio. The thing that makes game feel alive and suck you in the game (in addition from graphical side). Atm game sounds as dead as necrons though. Game lacks:
    -Terminator vox-to-vox chatter. i dont mean extremely limited voice commands you can give by pressing space. There are no chatter from singleplayer, that i miss dearly. In singleplayer they aknowledge enemies and give warnings. In multiplayer, terminators just walk around in silence. Even Eternal Crusade has better in-game voice commands /replies!

If there was a way for the Single-Player squadmate lines to be copy-pasted into the ambient dialogue of our Multiplayer Terminator squad, I'd freaking love it. I was thinking about suggesting this very thing in my own post the other day. This is an awesome suggestion!

-automatic terminator voice lines when using skills, when weapon is jammed, when reloading weapon. I have stated this many times in my suggestion threads, will continue even now. How hard is to add couple of voice lines for each class for skills? "Blessed is my wargear!" when weapon is jammed, others know this guy cant shoot now so can come cover? Chaplain shouting Litanies of Hate, everyone know they can enter melee brawl without having consequences? And so on. ADD MORE VOICE LINES FOR MULTIPLAYER!

Voice-Lines for activating powers would be swell, and a nice bit of detail for the game as well. Great suggestion.

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@lurkkin said in List of Bug Fixes/Small QoL changes that would take EE to the next level.:

  • Being able to select 2 perks would open up a lot of options for players, increase variety in playstyle, and remove the idea of "best in slot" perks/etc.

This sounds like a fun change that would let people make use of more specialized perks, aside from the 30% more body-part health one which I think has become something of a standard. If it wouldn't break too much or make the game too easy, I'd love to see it.

  • I think a slight rework of abilities would be great for class balance.

This is fine within reason, but I'm not sure switching around abilities like you describe is a great idea. People are already used to the way a class works now, swapping around abilities would just get more confusing.

  • Weapon balance- With codex rules, weapons like the spear of Caliban (which previously needed to be unlocked in each game) are available from the start. This may be more of a personal opinion, but Spear in particular seems to be very OP. It's stats are superior from the start, and has a lot of the same upgrades the other weapons have. Maybe I just enjoy the aesthetic of bolters firing off instead of laser/plasma weapons but the bolters don't really have a place in a game that isn't really about accuracy and since their mods have the same effects on damage, etc % wise they are always outshined by other choices.

I'm all for weapon balancing, but remember that Heavy Weapons are supposed to be more effective in many ways than a typical Storm Bolter.

  • Using an ability should trigger a dialogue (Chaplain's shield would have him say "the Emperor protects", etc) so teammates know the ability was used.

This sounds fun, and would make multiplayer matches more than just quiet walks through a Space Hulk for our squad.

  • Clicking an ability that is on cooldown will send a chat message giving the remaining CD. "Mass Heal- 26 Seconds"

Good suggestion, though I wonder how this would work for a PS4 player like myself

  • Better visual effects for ability usage, Chaplain's Litany of War effect (red circle) should appear on all squad members screens. Would be great for immersion (very-40k esq looking visuals that I love). Your squad-mates would then know they're shielded and see that "hey chaplain used his ability at a great time there, he must be good at that role" in the same way a good apothecary's effect on the game is clearly noticeable.

I'm honestly not sure why Litany of War doesn't show up on everyone else's Hud in the squad. If a Tactical Terminator shields me, I can see the bubble on my screen. An odd choice not to make LoW visible to everyone, in my opinion.

  • I think a slight across-the-board damage increase would be great, but lower the amount of nids capable of one shotting on No Mercy, I've found the majority of deaths are "I got one shot" while swarms of smaller genestealers seem almost negatable. This can lead to a frustrating playing experience where you easily cut through a swarm of small tyranids (lore-wise this is often their most dangerous state) only to die from something you didn't see/not knowing how you died. I don't mean to diminish the role of genestealers as master ambushers, but getting 1 shot through your block or by a lucky acid head shot can be irritating. Stalkers can only 1 shot from behind for example, would be a great change.

I'm hesitant to back this, because I think a lot of getting one-shot comes down to sloppy playing: "I wasn't watching the minimap," or "I wasn't looking behind us." But having maybe a second-or-two longer to react to an enemy (either a Stalker-strain or a Hybrid-Psyker) before you're immediately killed would reduce a lot of the "WTF just happened!?" moments in my No Mercy games.

  • Access to full customization between missions/after failure, for similar reasons to above, don't have to menu and leave party to switch something, but also won't allow players to freely swap stuff DURING a mission.

This would be a really nice convenience change, because whenever I level up I have to leave the Lobby, open my Renown box, then rejoin said lobby while hoping my spot hasn't been taken. Being able to do this from a multiplayer lobby would be sweet.

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I'm not sure giving everyone health regen is a great idea. The game has already been built and balanced around the Apothecary being the only source for heals. Letting everyone regenerate slowly might mess stuff up.

Whether a Terminator could regen by themselves or not, an Apothecary would still be mandatory in harder difficulties because of how hard stuff hits you.

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Especially for the flamer, it is frustrating that your entire jet of fire is blocked even though you are trying to aim through the "gap" in the railing. I tend to aim a little bit above the rails, personally, and let the flame expand "downwards" as it reaches beyond them. Kind of non-intuitive, though.

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I'd also like to see ways of sorting games according to Lobby Difficulty, Friendly Fire, number of players, and things like that.

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There are several PSN Communties being created for this game with various numbers of people in them. Some are even in different languages. I'm not sure if you have the time or inclination to observe them in addition to your other presences on the web, but they are definitely full of active players who love the game.

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These are all awesome suggestions!

If we're asking for DLC Astartes Chapters, I'd like to throw the hat of my boys the Blood Ravens into the ring for consideration!