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"There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die." - H.S. Thompson

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Please make this weapon available for observers!!! PLEASE!!! I need it for the class. I love that class. I like playing bodyguard to the commander but I lacked a weapon to do it right.

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So I want to start by acknowledging optimization needs and anything else anyone could possibly think of that could be more important than this because I am seeking opinions on if you feel it would help gameplay; you see in some ways it would for me.

I love Hardcore mode however I feel an unfair handicap is in place with the position of the rifle while running. And then I thought of it as also hilarious as I wouldn't run that way and I have a huge blind spot. Meow some people feel like a badass with it and others agree it's ridiculous. I dislike it and did I mention I feel handicapped by it?😤 You see its all the more real of a problem due to our movement speed. Not a mechanic adding to the difficulty I personally agree with. Does anyone agree or disagree?
So then I thought about all the different positions some people would probably like to see. Would you think in the far future it would be nice to see optional animations in the customization for different types/styles.....I just realized I am not sure how to label this...ways of moving with the weapon? weapon movement? Since they are introducing new animations anyway? I am not sure how much time is needed to create these. I do not possess that knowledge.

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@MarksmanMax Well said Marksman. salute Thumbs up from me.

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So Insurgency has always been a little wonky with alt-tabbing and sandstorm is no different. However recently between all the updates from all the software we use something has caused this game to crash hard if you alt-tab in full screen. Nvidia becomes unresponsive and sometimes I get a glimpse of a DX error window' before my monitor no longer reads anything and goes into power save mode. I would like to add I alt-tabbed several other known buggy games like Anthem and it recovers fine.

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@marksmanmax I am not entertaining this topic any further in case you missed my post to the OP if you want to attempt to pick apart posts for your own personal gain proceed. I have made my point very clear if you wish to take it out of context from what it is or dont fully understand I am sorry. Have a nice day.

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@cptns Speaking of which. cptns I am sorry. I could have ignored it and taken it to another thread maybe I apologize and was wrong for continuing. The mg3 with 250 rounds is a terrifying thought for someone who doesnt pvp. It sounds amazing for co-op though. Especially if horde mode is coming. I imagine NWI will be looking to keep us supplied just enough for that type of mode. I would post this here and in steam and see what comes up. Maybe even do a vote on steam for the types of weapons people may want for horde mode or I should say the types of upgrades we would want. This thought may not be the direction you wanted to go but it kind of inspired it for me.

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@whitby I knew this would come up but was hoping it wouldnt. To even attempt this route is beneath you. This started because of

@whitby said in MG3 250-round belt:

Adding that would be a good feature and pricing it high on the supply cost would balance it and be a justified expense.

Unfortunately though, since this is a good idea, I think it's very unlikely NWI will listen.

That I thought was unnecessary. You then attempted to white wash it and so on. The topic then switched to why I feel its not right and marksman attempted to say why taking such an immature tone is needed. I then retorted why it should never be used, ever. I am not preaching as you say I am utilising my freedom of speech and my right to an opinon on a matter; to which you have given yours. I believe your frustration lies in that in the end good morals always have a leg to stand on.

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@marksmanmax said in MG3 250-round belt:

I think @Whitby has the right idea with the negative bashing.

Then you and whitby have at it. This conversation is done for me. Have a nice day.


@marksmanmax said in MG3 250-round belt:

If the history of Sandstorm has shown us anything, it's that if a lot of people complain and cry their hearts out to NWI, then they'll do whatever the hell they want. It's why armor was nerfed on September 6th, 2018, even though the hitreg was completely fucked so armor felt much stronger than it actually was. It's why Team Deathmatch was added. And it's why, after months of complaining, we're finally getting a good fucking Coop mode.

I would choose to believe that NWI does listen to people who post constructively and maturely. To foster a negative system of communication in a forum is inviting a toxic relationship with ones community. People have a hard enough time holding onto the idea that there is a human being on there other end once they sign on. Its human beings reading and interpreting. Dont get me wrong, I know we know....but the end product speaks for itself. There is something about the filter of having a computer between yourself and the other person that tells people its ok to go a little farther. I have seen this snowball effect time and again in game forums. I dont want to sign on here and go through posts full of sarcastic BS aimed at one another and the devs. I would like to maintain some sense of positivity here. I would like to read fun ideas, thoughts, and directions of future game modes. If you feel the need to just bleed anger and unnecessary sarcasm into a message to them send it privately. But dont think for a second that it NEEDS to be done. You can choose to get together to boycott with some maturity to send a message. I approve of that direction. It at least sends a strong mature message without the unnecessary ugliness. Maybe I am not making sense I dont know. Like I said have at it.