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@Netheos Worth noting this has expanded to include other leagues besides Eternal League. In Eternal League I play the games and get spp points etc, and at the end no post match screen, it counts the game as a friendly (says Friendly in the top left of the screen) and the league is stalled at that point, can't progress past the team you are playing, (and sometimes the losses/injuries deaths ARE recorded). I switched and started playing in the Old World League in Solo mode, and it was fine for several games, then something similar (but not exactly the same) started happening. Play the game, and it is counted as a friendly match, but weirdly, when playing Solo Old World League, it does register the match in the league record, and the team is credited with a win in the tournament, but the match money, experience points, spp, etc are not counted (again, deaths and injuries were counted). Again, this was not happening in the first several games, but just started up in Solo league as well. Really means I can't use the game any more as I don't have time to play full matches with people on-line. Its a shame.

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Playing the Eternal League NAF tournament, and the results of matches are not going through. This happened a couple times against a Dwarf team, once against an undead team, and now it has happened three times against an Orc team. I play the game, and have won spp, etc. but the games do not count. When it comes to the end, instead of the results or post-match screen with the dice, it shows that the match was a my spp are not counted, but my injuries and deaths are!! That sucks, but what is worse is that I cant just keep playing the orcs again and again until my whole team is dead. So for me at least, the Eternal League is broken for now. Please respond!! I want to keep going!

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