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I'm an audio engineer by trade (studio & live) but also work in other areas of production (3D, video post, etc.). When I'm not flipping faders or pushing pixels, I love to game...

System Specs: Gigabyte Z370 Mobo - i7 8700K - 32gb ram - PNY XLR8 GTX1080 - Seasonic Prime Ultra 1000w PWS

PC Audio: MOTU Pcie 424 & 1x-24 I/O 2x-896mk3's 1x-828mk2 with Black Lion Apogee AD/DA upgrades

Win10pro - Nvidia driver 398.82 - Motu drivers v6681 - Razor mouse drivers 2.21

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@rampart said in Interesting observation regarding occasional lag during online play.:

Three things I've noticed on sounds.

  1. I went from 16 Gigs of ram to 32 and that seemed to fix most sound issues (I also load into the game much faster)
  2. I still have issues hearing my weapon at times (this is now a rare issue after I added more ram)
  3. At times when the .50 on the back of the pickup is firing, it will be in front of me but the sound is coming from behind me or vise versa (my friends in teamspeak tell me they are hearing the same)

Yea, I have 32gb of ram also (makes a huge difference with games & apps). I'll also have sound coming from wrong directions at times (not too-too bad though).

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@repo said in RGB Fusion and Insurgency Sandstorm:

Alright, I'll try updating and see if it works thanks.

Worse case, you can always set the Mobo RGB lighting in the Bios instead of using Fusion. It's not as detailed as fusion and lacks quiet a few options, but at least you can set color and a few cycle options.

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I would also really love to see the A10's fly lower during strike pass then bank and peal off after the Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt. The in-game pass is close to on par with real-world altitudes. However, for a more visual and dramatic effect in game, it would be nice to see them closer up. Not so much buzzing the roof tops, but 100-150 feet above deck would look really nice.

Adding a louder tell-tell "whine" of those large gorgeous turbo-fans as well would be the finishing touch (oncoming, the pass, and with Doppler effect while pealing off into the distance).

Watch the lower passes for an example:

Youtube Video

Youtube Video – [00:06..]

Youtube Video

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@kean_1 said in Battle Royale Mode:

I can't imagine anyone creating a shooter these days doesn't at least mention "battle royale" in some discussion at some point.

If I recall correctly from one of their Q&As, NWI did throw it around but have no plans for it. .....but in true NWI fashion, I think they take a "never say never" approach.

I'm sure as the sun will rise this morning, if NW doesn't implement it one day, a modder certainly will.

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@haggison said in Interesting observation regarding occasional lag during online play.:

Yesterday evening I did find a bug where any radio transmissions (not voice comms) were replaced by only a radio ending noise. Whenever this happened I did find a ping spike of 50 or so, simply restarting fixed it. Perhaps this is a related issue?

I wonder if there is a log we can get access to that might shed light on this that isn't just the console?

Perhaps I was spamming for an observer too much... one commander and 3 observers in the game and they always seem to run for the hills haha

I tried but couldn't get the same sound issue / graphics hitching with radio coms, however, it happened on my friends end while playing with him a couple of times. I still get the occasional lag / hitch during sound FX, but it's not tied to a specific map location, but more often when multiple of sound Fx are being played back.
I even tried different configurations with audio hardware at Samples Per Buffer of: 16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048 at 44100,48000,88200,96000 kHz... Sandstorm didn't like 88.2 and 96kHz but it was to be expected (most games don't). Either way, regardless of hardware settings, the issue popped up every now and then.

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@munguard said in I'm losing connection every match:

Every co-op match I join into I lose connection with in under 2 minutes. My internet's good and the latency and ping in-game aren't bad either.

Do you run Anti-Virus software? If so, have you added an exception / exclusion rule for Insurgency.exe

Example Location: J:\Steam\steamapps\common\sandstorm

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LoL - cough cough... Sorry for laughing but yea, the bots are angry beasts from hell. Donnno, kinda find it refreshing (I mean the challenge of it). An option to set bot levels would be nice in the final release though (custom options are always welcomed).

I noticed they don't deal well with flanking attacks (more specifically, pincer movements) it seems to confuse them for a brief moment.

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I'll have to test that out, I haven't used radios yet. The 1000 dollar question will be if the two are connected (a sound FX / sound playback issue) or if it's separate glitch all together.

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