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I'm an audio engineer by trade (studio & live) but also work in other areas of production (3D, video post, etc.). When I'm not flipping faders or pushing pixels, I love to game...

System Specs: Gigabyte Z370 Mobo - i7 8700K - 32gb ram - PNY XLR8 GTX1080 - Seasonic Prime Ultra 1000w PWS

PC Audio: MOTU Pcie 424 & 1x-24 I/O 2x-896mk3's 1x-828mk2 with Black Lion Apogee AD/DA upgrades

Win10pro - Nvidia driver 416.16 - Motu drivers v6681 - Razor mouse drivers 2.21

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Yea, for the first time the performance is worse (post update). I'm getting hitching and a weird AA bug which is outlining many trees and other assets with white line... Turn off AA and it just gets ugly... Currently re-installing to see if it fixes anything (sigh). Sys specs: 8700k-32gb-GTX1080

A few images of the AA issue.




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I noticed a new graphics issue after the latest update before the open beta on Friday. Some trees, power lines, and other assets display a white lines along the edges... It looks like TAA jitter, however, it's present when using MSAA too. I also noticed it on some of the reflections in car windows, taillights, and other surfaces displaying very high contrast reflections. I'm not sure if you guys are aware of it already, but if not, I've included a few screen shots.

Note: I'm using clean ini files, everything is vanilla. I tried all in-game settings without results... Nvidia drivers are up-to-date, Steam verified files, and everything else checks out good. I even tested it on a second machine and observe the same issue.

PS: I just noticed it's almost in the same area of my FOV (close to center)... Maybe it's possibly a radial blur or DOF issue? I dunno... Well, good luck with the launch tomorrow, looking forward to it.




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I feel the time it takes going to ADS & Back is just a tee·ny-wee·ny bit slow. No, I'm not looking for COD style super-duper quick scope (oh god no) but maybe just a little bit faster? Pretty please? With sugar on top? -Wink

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I really love / hate the new AI, extremely brutal and challenging (Whew' - no complaints ). However, the one thing that kinda irks me is the AI re-spawn.


(1). You've cleared a room with team, but seconds later enemy AI re-spawns in the corner next to ya.

(2). You've cleared a street, but AI spawns in right next to you.

It's one thing for AI to spawn in somewhere else and run towards the action, but the whole "Ghost Busters" thing where phantom AI's magically appear in front of your face is a little maddening (all googly eyes). If you guys could address it sometime in the future, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyways, thanks for all the hard work - Gonna go back and play

Enjoy the weekend,


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If you can't find the directory in the post above within Windows File Manager, your Windows File Explorer view options are not set up to see hidden directories or files....

(1). Open Windows File Explorer.

(2). Go to "Options".

(3). Select the "View" Tab.

(4).Check the little circle "Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives".

(3). Also un-check the box "Hide extensions for known file types".

(5). Click "Apply", then OK.

Now you should be able to see the Folder and files (The default Windows settings hide them).

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This is a quick fix for blurry / soft graphics and poor Anti-aliasing.

Please note: The Devs said they will be releasing a hot fix for AA / blurry issues, so it's up to you if you want to try this (I mean, if you can't wait).

Disclaimer: Make sure to backup the config files as instructed below before performing quick fix... If it doesn't work, or, has any significant impact on your game performance, just revert to the backup file (copy them back to the directory listed below) and relaunch game.

How to:

Make sure "in-game" settings are set to the ones below for the following steps to work correctly.

(1). Turn Off AA completely in the game settings.

(2). Set to Full-screen

(3). Set resolution to 1920x1080

(4). Set Super sampling to off, or 1.25 if your machine can run it smoothly.

(5). Set Post Processing Quality to "Very High".

All other in game settings can be set to your liking....

Click "Apply" and Exit the Game

(1). Open Windows File Explorer.

(2). Go to

"C:\Users\ Your User Name \AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient

(3). Create new folder named "Config-Backup" (minus the quotes).

(4). Copy all of the ini files to the "Config-Backup".

(5). Now select the Engine.ini file and open it with notepad / wordpad

(6). Copy and paste the text below under the stuff you see in the Engine.ini (add a space between them and the pasted text).


(7). Save.

(8). Close Windows File Explorer and relaunch game.

Notes: If you find that the image is too sharp, you can lower the "r.Tonemapper.Sharpen=" to 1.5 (or somewhere in between). Anything higher than 2 is a little too sharp for my tastes, but set it to your liking.

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@rampart said in Interesting observation regarding occasional lag during online play.:

Three things I've noticed on sounds.

  1. I went from 16 Gigs of ram to 32 and that seemed to fix most sound issues (I also load into the game much faster)
  2. I still have issues hearing my weapon at times (this is now a rare issue after I added more ram)
  3. At times when the .50 on the back of the pickup is firing, it will be in front of me but the sound is coming from behind me or vise versa (my friends in teamspeak tell me they are hearing the same)

Yea, I have 32gb of ram also (makes a huge difference with games & apps). I'll also have sound coming from wrong directions at times (not too-too bad though).

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@repo said in RGB Fusion and Insurgency Sandstorm:

Alright, I'll try updating and see if it works thanks.

Worse case, you can always set the Mobo RGB lighting in the Bios instead of using Fusion. It's not as detailed as fusion and lacks quiet a few options, but at least you can set color and a few cycle options.

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I would also really love to see the A10's fly lower during strike pass then bank and peal off after the Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt. The in-game pass is close to on par with real-world altitudes. However, for a more visual and dramatic effect in game, it would be nice to see them closer up. Not so much buzzing the roof tops, but 100-150 feet above deck would look really nice.

Adding a louder tell-tell "whine" of those large gorgeous turbo-fans as well would be the finishing touch (oncoming, the pass, and with Doppler effect while pealing off into the distance).

Watch the lower passes for an example:

Youtube Video

Youtube Video – [00:06..]

Youtube Video