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I will double check the dice roll log when i get on tonight and confirm if its me gaslighting myself or if a pass roll is initiated instead of just the catch

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I am able to pass, blitz, ttm etc, however the option to do a handoff is never presented even when a model holding the ball is next to a teammate.

The only option I have available is a pass action.

I have tried reinstalling the game on my xbox as well as soft and hard restarting the xbox, however nothing has worked at this time.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Goblin team, playing against Underworld, I used my looney on my turn 1 to attempt to foul the troll.

The goblin makes no go for it rolls, walks up and rolls for kickback, the roll is 1, naturally I reroll however the roll tracker says I failed a loner roll on the dice roll of 2, which should have been a passed kickback roll. The looney is not a merc and is part of my team and has no other abilities or skills other than stunty, chainsaw and secret weapon.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.