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I have issues in competitive. I experienced these issues in the beta and now for the first time in the current version. But it is also the first time I tried playing comp since the release.

I finish a (placing) match and when the round is over I get a the following message after it says submitting end result:

Kicked from the game: Server shutting down.

I failed to make a screenshot of this and so the message could be slightly different. It also appears that the placing match did not count at all. In the menu the numbers of played placing matches is unchanged (4/10). While I am sure I did not play 10/10 after the reset. I am quite sure it should be more than 4/10. Also I know that it was 4/10 before I just played a match and after I got the kicked message it still said 4/10.

Sometimes I also get a ranked icon displayed in my menus when the game is submitting match result (in versus). Gold Icon with three stars. I guess this equals the rank Gold 3? This is pretty confusing.

Am I "stuck" in placing matches until whatever is causing this is fixed?
Am I actually already ranked and it is just a display failure?

Anyone else has this or a similar issue?

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How old are you? just asking to make sure we are talking about the same bigger picture here. The pciture I mean is around 1999 until now. I played the original Counterstrike and from what I can remember it was less toxic then today. That said Counterstrike is a perfect example of one factor I mentioned. Counterstrike became one of the most popular games over the course of years and that meant more players and a higher chance to "experience" toxic players. I think that it also helped a lot that the game was usually played on community servers. If you keep playing with/against the same people the boundary to behave like an asshat is much higher. With that said, there were obviously also servers you avoided like the plague, because there were pretty much a cesspool. But for that to happen you also needed admins of those server being fine with that behavior in the first place.

I also don't accept reasoning like: it could be worse, or its worse in other places. It's basically just a cheap excuse to ignore what is going on and also often avoiding your own personal responsibilities.

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When it comes to the current no armor meta. I think the main reason why a lot of people use it (inluding myself), is that armor does not really do anything positive. There are a couple of good videos out that that show you how armor works in the game. I rather take additional loadout points and get more smokes or weapon attachments on them, than to "maybe" being able to take one more additional bullet in some very situational moments. The speed element is not that important to me honestly.

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@pacalis said in "Entering restricted area is killing this game":


I think he refers to push gamemode. When you play that, it can happen that you are in an area that becomes restricted without actively moving towards enemies when they cap an objective as he explains.

Then you suddenly find yourself in a out of bounds area after you lost a cap, it means that the game wants you to fall back to defend the next cap. Personally I also see people ending up in these situations because they often were on a very obscure flank not really doing anything. I guess its the game trying remind players in general (and especially those players) to get closer to the objective and defend it.

Compared to most other popular multiplayer FPS, Sandstorm is pretty slow paced. It sure has its fast moments, but those are usually just peaks. Otherwise I think the game rewards careful and smart movement, positioning and benefits from teamwork.

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I think the ban was very justified. The sensible think to do is to contact the developers about exploits and not put them on Youtube for the public to see. Another aspect is that he kept using these exploits for his personal gain. On Youtube to promote his channel (not sure if he also monetized) and also in the game to get some easy kills. It's not like he discovered a exploit, made the developers aware of it and then stopped doing it.

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@mlb7 said in toxic behavior:

Most players are not toxic in this game. Stop exaggerating. It's usually just one guy causing the problems. If they would fix the block Mic function you could block him. Clearly, they don't think Its much of a problem or they would fix that simple function to solve the problem.

I agree that most players are not toxic, but it only takes one guy to make everyone feel annoyed, uncomfortable and giving them 110% cringe. Somebody says or does something stupid and then you will have 30% of the team react to it and it escalated pretty quickly in a matter of seconds.

Also have you reat the latest developer blog? They are very aware of the issue but it is obviously also a question of ressources. NWI is a small team and it is not realistic for them to have a lot of people handling reports of toxic players. Thats why they are seeking more automated options like turn on/off chat filters and other unspecified things.

Muting in itself works, but people get unmuted after the end of each round. That is the bug described. Personally I would also like the option to permanently mute players. That is especially helpful against people who simply micspam music etc.

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@techsimmons said in "Entering restricted area is killing this game":

Nothing ruins immersion like a gun becoming suddenly disabled because an objective was taken. At least give us a chance to defend ourselves as we leave the restricted area.

If you are "running" into a restriced area in the game it is a aggressive move by default. As a attacker or defender you actively have to move towards these areas and you always go into the direction of the enemy. So you are not "defending" yourself, you are in a place where you should not be in the first place.

Sandstorm also does a relatively mild way to handle this. A lot of other games will do way harsher things like:

  • blurring your vision
  • slow your movement
  • decrease health
  • kill you

Right now you can still somewhat abuse the pretty tame penalty of not being able to use your guns. You can often cross the area quickly and get into advantageous positions.

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I don't think people are as "more sensitive" as some people claim.

It is just way more likely to experience what is generally called toxic behavior these days. Gaming is way more popular than it was for let's say 10 years ago. So you naturally get more people playing games. That means it you also get more "toxic" people. Communication also has developed. Ten years ago it was not that common to have a headset/microphone and a lot of games did not have inbuilt VOIP. So if you talked to people, you talked to people on Teamspeak etc.

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Its not just about getting "more" players.

The game needs to bring back players and also maintain the current players. I know several people who still have some performance issues and that is why they don't play the game. Most of my performance issues are resolved and so I actually started playing the game.

The game also needs content and especially more maps. We don't have a lot of maps right now and so it can get a bit boring for the average player, while more engaged players will learn maps inside out.

Good thing is that we already know that we will get more maps and the devs will increase how well the game runs across different specs.

I also thing free weekends would be a good idea AFTER the release of some patches. By after the release I mean 2-3 weeks not when a patch is out. Patches can often cause some issues and the last thing you want new people getting a bad first impression.

I also think that putting the game (not sure if that is currently possible) to the epic launcher/store. This would also bring some new positive attention.

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While I never personally got or felt harassed in the game, it also feels like there are a lot of people who seem to be the cliché of the edgy gamer kid. Constantly trying to trash talk and insult people over voip and making stereotypical unfunny jokes and remarks. The guys who constantly yell Allahu Akbar etc. Right now it feels more effective to just mute every player because chances are high that people don't use the voip anyway for in-game related communication.

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