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@planetcanada said in Damage Reflection...:

Dmg Regurgitation is just so stupid what happened to people not being so damn sensitive all the time? A clear sign of this is that people get offended by being killed in a pre game warm up..? Really..? I get that this new Pepsi generation full of soy boys aren’t as tough as people used to be but common. Shits ridiculous.. thought this game was supposed to be “realistic” - “highly lethal”? Because so far it’s far from it... This was the best you guys could come up with to spare a few hurt feelings.. Soak up a few French Cries and Whaamburgers with damage reflection? Might as well play Anthem it’s just about as realistic... Derp Great Job!

Cool "whataboutism" there pal.

Starting with a complaint about a mechanic and then instantly switching to cry about that "pepsi generation". It would be even more ironic if you would call them out for being a snowflake, by crying yourself because you cant deal with something yourself.

The only drawback about those systems is that they can be very open to abuse. So trolls will move in front of shooting player to get the damage reflected in other systems to get the player kicked.

I think you need not just one system to handle this.

1. Forgive System
Important since I think that the majority of team damage is not intentional and it happens in situations in which the victim is also aware of it. An example would be that somebody rushes around a corner and the person around the corner gets spooked and puts a few panic rounds into the other player.

2. Report System
There are people who do team damage on purpose and they usually keep on doing that. Players need to be able to have a proper report function and if reports keep coming in, the player should be checked out.

3. Warn, kick, ban
People who keep doing it should get a warning then a kick (aka timeban) and then a permanent ban.

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@n4thani3l said in Why increase recoil when being suppressed?:

@plppln why should weapon change its characteristics based on how character you play is feeling ? 🙂
I`d understand blurred vision, vignete effect or other visual effects, even shakiness or sway, but absolutely not random effect on mechanical function of a gun.

I would argue that it is not the way the gun works, but it is the way your character is able to deal with the existing recoil.

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You can use that to boost the score of a player, which leads to him being able to unlock cosmetics faster.

I know that this is "stupid" but this will be abused, especially if the "offender" is not getting punished.

Apart from that, I think it is missing the point.

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Yeah, because that could totally not be abused in favor for the victim.

There are two different cases.

  1. Accidents
  2. Teamdamage/killing on purpose.

Accidents to happen and killing team mates on purpose can only be fought with punishment to the player that has done it.

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Sorry but your videos do not really work for this as a base of discussion to me. You are rambling too much and so the videos are pretty unfocused. I tried watching the first video and tried to write things down, but you are jumping all around the place.

Maybe you could provide us with a shortlist of your key points.

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I can only speculate what he really means, but since the patch the game sometimes starts in a lower resolution than the one originally selected. In my case this means 1600x900. This can be "fixed" by selecting the correct resolution but it is annoying to do this every now and then.

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I don't care about the "realism" reasons some people bring in.

To me this is strictly speaking a (good) Gameplay Mechanic for the game. It is punishing a player that most likely made a mistake, while it is not completely unbalanced. If you would not have this effect you could just speed peak out if door and window frame, while you are getting shot at.