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They probably just jumped the gun a little on opening these forums since they have nothing to show (yet).

It's very common to start the hype-building early these days, not quite sure why: it seems to lead to mostly complaints from what I see, but maybe there's good business sense in it anyway, any attention being good attention, or some such.

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@Bosie said in What races?:

Got to have Chaos, else you've ying with no yang.

In the "big games" where planets and star systems are in the balance - maybe, but Necromunda as a skirmish-level game never needed Chaos as a persistent presence to function.

If in your example, ying (yin?) means the (relative) order of the Imperium and yang the chaotic evil of... Chaos... then there's precious little "law and order" in the Underhive, and none at all in the outlands.

Necromunda has zombie outbreaks, treasure miners and bounty hunters, it has raging stereoid-chomping psychopaths vs deranged cultists (but not of the Chaos variety!) and it's a breath of fresh air compared to the sameness that is most GW licenses: Empire vs Chaos, Empire vs Orks, Empire vs Tyranids... you get the picture.

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@ShakerGER said in What races?:

Will there only be gangs like Necromunda or also other kind of races? For example Necrons and Chaos? Even if not on lauch maybe later down the line as DLC? ( I have never played necromunda hence I am to young for that game)

Neither of the two you mentioned really fit in as gangs in Necromunda (particularly the Necrons). I would not be particularly surprised if we end up with Chaos as an option though, Games Workshop seems incapable of approving a license without Chaos or Tyranids in it.

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@Hagan said in Let's speculate:

I'd leave out most of the 40k races if I were them and concentrate on the Hive races. There is plenty of room for interesting factions in the Hive City and Underhive. Only ones I'd include are Genestealer cults as I think they fit well in a Hive city, and Chaos, because you can always find a way to jam Chaos into a Warhammer game somewhere.

Genestealer Cults - maybe, but a purestrain Genestealer ought to wipe the floor with any ganger, or even a handful of them at once if you were to follow the lore - these are things that can give Space Marines trouble, and our guys are supposedly (much) less skilled than even the lowly Imperial Guard.

Chaos - well I understand why it would be tempting to add them, but I really hope they don't. The inter-house warfare is such a defining part of Necromunda, and adding an "obviously evil" faction like that takes away from that a lot. The occasional Wyrd of questionable character is fine, of course, whether they're chaos-tainted or not.

GW seems to have a pathological need to cram Tyranids and/or Chaos into every single Warhammer product, and I understand why - it's an easily grokkable enemy, after all. But Necromunda is not about saving anyone or anything other than your own ass, so I hope we won't have them around as player-controlled factions. As enemies in story missions or random critters ala the demons in Mordheim they are fine, though.

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Hey, good to hear - while there's not that many people around here yet (lots of lurkers though), the level of enthusiasm is high so I think I speak for everyone when I say we're waiting with bated breath* for news.

*okay not really, the whole bated breath thing tends to lead to unfortunate events like suffocating before getting to play and such

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@Goreclaw said in Supper Excited! Question about controls:

Did necromunda have the imperial fists as a playable faction? I never played the tabletop but i saw in the fluff that necromunda was a IF recruiting world and was curious

There are generally no Space Marines on Necromunda (the Fists may indeed recruit from there in the lore, but it has no impact on the actual game at all). In fact, as far as the game goes, there's nothing that even resembles actual military, it's more a wild-west kinda deal, and might is most definitely right. Even the Imperial Guard (arguably the weakest individual soldiers in the 40K game proper) would be massively overpowered in Necromunda.

Rather, it is a game between worker-class gangs fighting over territory, status and wealth in the (nearly) lawless Underhive - the gangs are regular humans (ok they're all rather insane by our standards, but it's 40K so that almost goes without saying).

The original game rules were based on 2nd edition 40K (the standard at the time), but the whole thing was scaled down - so while the standard "ganger" may have had "Guardsman" characteristics, that was simply done so that the rules would still work, it was not an indication that a rough-and-tumble gangster was the equivalent of a trained soldier.

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Also hi to all forum fellas

Hey there, and welcome aboard!


And when we can see first screenshots and "unpurposely" leaked material..?? hehehe

Who knows :) This forum is currently deader than a lone Orlock Juve who wanders into a Goliath settlement and starts shooting his mouth off - but I expect it'll pick up once some actual news and info starts coming!

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@Glarghface said in Supper Excited! Question about controls:

probably we will see outlanders as DLC gangs

Just making sure, but this part is still speculation, aye? I mean I think it's likely - it's such an obvious win/win if so - but nothing has been announced as far as I know.

Also, I'm always excited for supper... sorry, couldn't help myself

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@Glarghface said in Do we know anything about the game yet?:

As much as i like Xcom, i really don't want Necromunda to be like Xcom.

I have to agree with that - recently started playing Mordheim again (Extra! Extra! Panic breaks out as the much-feared ratmen of the "Scarlet Pimpanels" once again terrorize the streets!), and it really is a very well-put-together game. Can't wait to combine it with shotguns, 80's style punks and steroid-chugging maniacs!

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I'd say it would be pretty perfect to go with the "original Outlander expansion" - ie Spyrers, Scavvies, Redemptionist Crusade and Ratskins - as an expansion pack. Or, more realistically these days, separate DLCs (more's the pity).

The various fan-made "gangs" never clicked for me, maybe because they often felt overpowered and/or too gimmicky. Bounty Hunters work better as loners than as a gang for me, and the Arbites work better as "the powers that be" than as a gang. That's all just my opinion obviously.

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