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Ambush your opponents! I was facing the Tyranids and suddenly three of their big ships (probably BC or GC) appeared on my flank and obliterated two of my ships troops. That decided the game, then and there.

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Everytime I see an Eldar as an Opponent I sigh an inward sigh and prepare for a long, boring and frustrating game. They stealth across the map, and one shot any ship that isn't alone. If my ships are clustered, they cap all the points and win the game that way. All the time without me being able to get in any damage at all. As an Imperial player (Navy, Mechanicus and Astartes) it seems nigh impossible to combat these elusive foes. The only way I can do any damage atall is to bring multible escort to scan (but even then they boost away....). And then I hear people complaining about them being to weak?
Am I missing something important?
Any Hints to combat these xenos scum?
Am I the only one suffering like this?
I would accept any help you can give me!
An Imperial Admiral

PS: Sorry for the bad english