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@drikk said in World Cup Qualifying Coaches! (Working List):

The Xbox One winners are Chelsea Zola, and myself. ^^

In the FABBL League?

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Sign up to discord here:
& you can talk to the XBox Admin team directly.

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Champion Ladder Qualifiers


Season 14

  1. ducke
  2. Ungern
  3. Notorious Noob
  4. Crystal_Hunter

Season 15


season 14 Winner Schod

season 15 Winner

Xbox One

season 14 Winner GnomeSlayer

season 15 Winner

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Hi coaches!

As the qualifying tournaments begin to produce winners/WC ticket winners I've created this
thread for us to keep track of which coaches we will be seeing in this summers World Cup!

If you are an admin for a private league qualifier, or have heard of any winners please feel free
to let us know here & i'll start to compile the list. Many congratz to all coaches making the cut!!

0_1521626919720_BloodBowl_WC2018_FB_NOT APPROVED.jpg

Community Leagues

PC/Mac Community Leagues

PS4 Community Leagues

Xbox One Community Leagues

  • 0_1521641289091_INT.png FABBL - 2 tickets 0_1522242650473_FABBL_forum.png WON BY: Chelsea Zola & Drikk

Total Community Tickets = 52

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Êtes-vous confus 'open ladder' et 'champion ladder'? de toute façon les deux compétitions peuvent être trouvés dans la 'cabalvision official league'. recherche pour cette ligue 1er et ensuite inscrivez-vous pour la compétition que vous voulez dans cette ligue. Je recommanderais une échelle de champion, c'est beaucoup plus cool !!

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The 2 max Star Players rule still exists.

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