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Salut, tu n'as pas remarqué que tout le monde parle anglais sur le forum ? Il n'y à pas de plan pour des dlc ou du nouveau contenu, le principe du jeu est justement de refaire une partie afin de découvrir les autres aspects et arcs d'histoires et indices ou objets manqués. Selon ce qu'on fait et choisi tout au long de l'histoire, certains succès sont automatiquement inaccessibles ainsi que certains indices etc.

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Great news, thank you for the update and keep doing great job

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@iyagovos Great news, thank you, it's good to know they'll hear about it. Also thank them for making this wonderful game

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@pndr The man with broken arm get it fixed if you get rid of strickland. He and another doctor disagree on how to operate and that's why he waits until you get strickland out, by one way or another. After that, I've talked to him, and he's now working to help the hospital as carpenter.

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The most surprising thing is, we're supposed to be a doctor working in a hospital, so we should get paid ( not that we work so much though).
Taking everything we find in houses of people and almost all places we visit has been a common thing in all rpgs video games, so I wasn't disturbed by it.
In a way, it's funny, because you work, you cure people, you even gather components and craft drugs in order to help and you give them to everybody for free.
And after that you go dig in bins and trash cans in order to find a few pennies.
Without mention that we're supposed to come from a noble and rich family.

There are many ways to fix it : first, in Vampyr we can' sell all weapons we find, if we could we'd make money easier.
We could have mesmerize option to make some citizens give us their money, or simply we could be paid more for any investigation we solve, people we save etc.

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Yes, game would be way too easy if you could use only your vampire powers all the time, without limit. It wouldn't be fun at all.
I prefer to have swords and guns, it makes funnier combats than just using vampire powers.
I truly hope they'll give us a Vampyr 2 with a lot of improvements based on feedback and still keep all the things that makes this game awesome and the core design ideas they have.
It could become a wonderful trilogy of RPGs and I'm sure Dontnod can amaze us even more and fix the worst flaws of this first game.

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@morghy This is some kind of classic weapon for vampires, and I'm actually surprised that nobody at Dontnod thought about it, would have suited perfectly with London, Jonathan's noble family and manners. But maybe those didn't exist at this time, I don't know.
I've just learned about Dragonbane, but couldn't get it in my play session, I've read stuff I shouldn't have.

Speaking about weapons, I've read some players complaining about the fact that we're a vampire and shouldn't use weapons, only vampire powers.
First, we play a new-born vampire, whose powers, senses and skills are at level zero.
Second, Dante from DMC is a half demon with dark powers but still uses weapons, because it's funnier and cool.
Third, almost all vampires use weapons, in all medias, even Alucard from Hellsing.

@T-H "a meaningfull theft and stealth system" I'm not really sure about this one. I honestly don't see any vampire from any universe hide in the dark, and stay hidden somewhere in order to steal some money. Why would any vampire bother to do that, when they can gather money for centuries, invest in long-term things, mesmerize people to make them do whatever they want, or just simply kill people and take their money ?
There's a reason why almost all characters who can live for centuries are rich, and even if in Vampyr we are young and didn't live a hundred years, we're still a vampire, who has many ways to get money ( well should ).
What I think is this would be solved by giving more options with Mesmerize powers, you could make people work for you, or make sure a rich old man going to die soon will write your name on some paper, there are a lot of possibilities with vampire powers and skills in diplomacy, politics and power games.
That reminds me of the fact that, in Vampyr, we take anything we can find from bins and trash cans.

Thank you for your ideas guys, keep them coming ! And pray that at least someone from Dontnod will read it.

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What bug are you talking about ? What is the problem ?

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Added a few ideas. I invite everybody who played and liked or disliked features and game design directions of the game to share their thoughts and feedback about what they would want for hypothetical update / dlc / Vampyr 2

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Yes, I agree for all of these. I 've actually started a topic about improvements ideas for the game here a few weeks ago :

I'll add those to the list

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