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Thanks for all the info! you rock.
If you could just name "playmaker" to "Top 10 Receivers" we would be all set.

Finally, is there anyway to determine passing yardage as a stat for the throwers?

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Hey guys,
The Dauntless Athletic League is about to start it's inaugural season.
This is a NFL-Style league played within North American time zones.
We are 12-16 coaches that are from around the USA (all time zones) that are looking to add up to 4 more coaches to our league.

The league's experience level is from novice to experienced, with maybe a a small handful of players whom are anything remotely close to "expert"

We play once a week and use a schedule-based ladder format (NFL Style) hosted on our website so that there isnt any regulation or promotion between divisions.

We are only looking for coaches that want a relaxed atmosphere, and are will be active within our small community.

This is very much a private league and we accept applications only very rarely.

We do have training camps, the draft and free agency in our league (like the NFL) and do so in-game.

For more information; and to see if it's the league for you
please check out our website:

Interested Coaches feel free to PM me.
Once accepted, information regarding to the FB group, discord channel and alike will be provided.

Currently we are still missing some of the "classic races" like Dwarfs. heh.

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Can mixed teams participate in leagues that allow them?

Currently before the start of our private league, I made two of the same type mixed team and don't see any options for putting players up to market to test.
is that because I coach both teams?

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