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@iyagovos said in Game crashed on Pc:

Hi there!

Are you able to run the game without mods? This may be the issue where mods are using too much memory - there are community solutions to this, but we don't fully endorse them.

Then get on the devs' asses about it so we can have a solution that you DO fully endorse, please...

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Mudrunner editor folder / _mods / <your mod here> / classes / wheels / <your wheel name>.xml

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Try reducing the torque and or wheel friction values.

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You've got way too muh time on your hands to have figured all that out.... lol j/k 🙂
I was suspicious that it was relevant to some default assets being changed/(re)moved since the update, thanks for the info dude!
I've also seen the stretchy bush anomaly, but not nearly as extreme as what's in those pics...

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Might be worth revisiting the mod, I'm running into a bunch of maps that will not load with weather installed (workshop maps, they load just fine with weather removed). Yes I tried them using the modified instructions that Draconus posted above, but same results; missing/old/broken error...

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Very insightful and informative post, my friend! A good read for those that don't seem to be able to grasp the amount of time, skill and dedication that goes into these mods! Much respect, sir! 🎖

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to ya boyus', chto u vas budet plokhoye vremya, moy drug ...

Then I'm afraid you're going to have a bad time, my friend...

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This isn't the "EA Access" you're thinking of... The error (afaik) in generic terms means the editor tried to put something into a memory address (RAM) that it didn't have explicit access to. 9/10 cases this is caused by either the editor or the game trying to put more into RAM than the default exe has reserved for itself. Since the game is only a 32-bit application, it cannot address more than 2GB of RAM. Look around on these forums and you'll find links to 4GB patches such as STMod that can help resolve this issue by changing the amount of RAM that can be made available to the game/Editor. This has been a running concern for those of us in the modding community for some time now, and the dev team doesn't appear to have any desire whatsoever to fix it on their end, so we're left with no choice but to rely on 3rd-party tools/hacks/programs to get it done ourselves...

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Had this issue myself, can't remember specifically how I resolved it but I'm pretty sure it was relevant to STMod somehow...
Which is another reason I haven't bothered with it for over a month now...

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