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Ok, thanks for clearing that up. Lol

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Ok, so I'm pretty sure this is a bug. I've seen it once or twice before, and both times I just wrote it off as not understanding what I was seeing, but now I want to report it just to be sure.

I'm playing against the AI, they have the ball. I make one of my beastmen get up off the ground and try to blits the human with the ball.

The game lets me go after him. My beastman successfully pushes to reach him then POW! no blockdice are rolled, the guy just slugs my beastman.

It look like the animation that plays when you attack someone, but roll a skull. Only the attack dice were never rolled. The game just seemed to decide. "NOPE, you ain't hitting me." And dropped my player like a bad habit..

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@Naissun said in Setting up camp.:

In my opinion, respect in Blood Bowl is fouling the best piece of the opponent on turn 16.

Typically, you get one free foul per game. I feel that not using that foul is just being wasteful... 🤣

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I was playing BB yesterday. I played 3 matches. One was against Amazons, the next one was against humans, and the last was Underworld Denizens.

The Humans was a lot of fun. I lost, but no complaints. The Amazons and the UD however set up camp by the End Zone to run done the clock...

I was annoyed, but not really sure how annoyed I should rightfully be.
In the tabletop and BB1 leagues I've played in that stuff is looked down upon as an exploit or as the guy running those leagues would call it "A bitch move".
I personally never did it, just out of respect for the other player. They here to play a game not watch me dance around wasting their time.

What's the popular consensus for that play?
Lagit Tactic, Or Douchey Exploit?

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Oh... if he or I started a league though? Then would we progress?

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I just played(on the XBox One) a game with a friend from my Friendslist. He won 2-1, but that's not why I'm complaining...

I'm looking at my Team Roster and my Skinks all have 0 SPP. Where's my SPP for the touchdown?

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@Arne said in Why is it so hard to find an online match?:

Oh common, enough of this - all of you.

If you just want to play without a schedule against random opponents, the very first league (Cabalvicion Official League) is the way to go. This league has in general 3 competitions from which you can choose:

Anarchy ladder:
This one is new, I haven't played there, this is where you want to go if you play mixed or custom teams

Open Ladder:
This is probably the one you want to go in right now

Champion Ladder:
this one is closed right now, the next season will start soon. what you need to know: there is real price money here and only 5 concessions are allowed in one season

Thank you. I just had my first match on open ladder with my new Lizard team. I lost 2 to zip... 😂

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@Phelan-Hood said in Why is it so hard to find an online match?:

@midyin said in Why is it so hard to find an online match?:


So instead of asking for clarification on details that apparently confused you, you decided the most grown up response was to start calling people names?

I'm actually impressed.

No, it was his bitchly little "and stop complaining" that he felt the need to follow it up with that made me call him out... honestly, I don't see why this is so difficult for people to figure out.. 😂🤣😂

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@Arne said in Why is it so hard to find an online match?:

@midyin said in Why is it so hard to find an online match?:

Am I the only one having this problem? I just want to play against people online. Why do I have to join a league, then enter a competition just to have to wait an hour for a contestant that's not coming?

Just use an Fing lobby system... 😒

Were you able to find the right/official competition in the meantime? If you go to the official ones, you usually don't have to wait for more than 5 minutes

No luck. I been trying a bunch of them, but I keep ending up waiting until I finally give up and go back to playing against the PC.

What are the official ones named?

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@Naissun said in Why is it so hard to find an online match?:

@midyin What I got from your video is that you understand I'm right but won't give me the satisfaction.

I hope that won't stop you from not waiting an hour to get a game going.

Despite what your butt-buddy thinks about me, that wasn't what you were suppose to take away from that video.
Take my hand boy, I'll walk you through it.

See, I asked a question. Now I don't know what you think it was, but saying "Use COL/CCL and stop complaining" is not actually an answer to the question. Because I'm a grown ass man and not a Teenaged girl I don't speak in millennial shorthand.
I don't know what the hell those acronyms mean, and frankly I could tell by the way you presented your "Answer" that you weren't actually trying to be helpful you were just being a dick.

What's the matter sweety? Did my question bug you? Did it somehow messy up your day?
Is that why you had to pop off like some limp dick little bitch?

Let me help you with a thought. There's this wild concept that I think is going to knock your little pink toe-socks off. Are you ready?
"The reply button is completely optional."
BOOM! I know, mind blown right?

So if you enter a thread and see someone has said something that you don't like or asked a question that your royal highness believes is beneath you to be bothered with. It will please you to know that you can just not click and save yourself and everyone a little time.. 😉

Or alternatively, you could choose to drop the snide baby-back bitch shit and talk like a fucking man...