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New cars - awesome.
New medium log cart - awesome.
New map - nice but REALLY easy.

IDEA: Take 1 usermade map each month/2weeks, review it, check quality, test - upload to game offcaly. That way console users get those too, also we don't have to mess with manual downloading and also there is a constant flow of VERY GOOD and difficult maps.

Modders get some credit and i believe they are happy if their maps are officaly in the game.

We did that map in HC a bit over 2h, its doable faster so very easy.

Edit: oh and we started with only 1 car - the new little cabrio 😃 2-4 players, one of them a little kid.

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So how ya doin? We waitin 🙂

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As u remember we did highwater in over 22h. So u have test players ready 😃

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Please do more maps 🙂 after that every other map feels boring 🙂

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@iyagovos said in [KIND REQ to DEVS] We enjoy it, now make it even more enjoyable!:


Thank you so much for such a detailed post. Some of these features are planned currently for future updates, but others have now been added to our internal list of suggestions.

Thank you!

Thanks and looking forward to updates! Be well!


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Playing live. 2 views. Estonian blabber, sorry

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Playtime: 10h already.

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Hi all,

I'm writing regarding our very very big emotions about this game and also about some requests we have with our team in Estonia.

WE have been playing Mudrunner for a while now in multiplayer. For us, now singleplayer is boring. I cannot play it without friends anymore, which is sad, because sometimes I'm a bad person and I lose my friends. But this is not your fault. I'm not asking you to make singleplayer better - I'm actually asking you to make multiplayer better. Why? In order for us to never....NEVER....stop playing.

Eventually we are playing with 3-4 people and we are trying to make all out of it. When possible, we dont use towing on our own cars when playing in MP (because of silly ghosts) and so on.

We have done all the original maps and we are refreshing the mods site every day for new user made maps. Without those maps we already would have stopped playing. New maps are the only thing that keep us playing. The feeling to discover new exhausting, nervewrecking places, woods, muddy roads. Sometimes we get (or I get) so mad at this game....BUT IT IS FUN AS HELL with friends.

So, firstly, i thank you for this great game - this is simply the best game in 2017.

We have put together a list of things we would love to see in the game, in order to make it better and more convenient.

We would wish for some new stuff with our team of players:

  • SP/MP: Please bring back hardcore mode packing cart position requirement (or make it switchable option). For hardcore mode there should be NO WHINING about this. If you whine - go buy a bicycle.

  • MP: non-active cars from other players always visible (or switchable), also cars while towing. That would look nicer. I know that it takes more resoruce but cmon, this game runs so good even on medium range PC and full graphics.

  • MP: Environment changes from other players visible and active for all players. I mean tire tracks, wood falling and moving....

  • MP: Other players headlight visible for other players. - This should be simple. It just looks a bit stupid when my mates are going around in completely dark woods with no lights 😃

  • SP/MP: 2 or more winches simultaneously - we mean that if your own winch is attached to a tree then other players winch can be attached to your car. Ok, that makes some places more simple but also it would be more realistic.

  • MP: check other player view (for example click on their car on the map). - Like spectating. Sometimes my friends are lauhging arses off and i want to see. I so badly want to se whats the fuzz about. But I cant. And then Im sad.

  • SP/MP: Each car could have its own waypoints on map. If you put waypoints on map and change car, then you should be able to set new waypoints to it. It just makes it a bit less frustrating. Simple thing also.

I would also like to share some FRUSTRATING screenshots from the game.

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

Thank you, and I hope you all are very frustrated playing this game and you feel like you want to throw your controller into your screen. Cheers!

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I second that. And I add - u who created this map - you are crazy. Thank you for making me feel miserable, sad, exhausted. Best map ever. We will continue today and send u the pic of stats later.

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Available Now

Man, this is what this game is all about.. We have been cursing in russian, estonian and english on several maps, but this map makes us silent - you only hear breathing (or holding breath) from co-players 😃 And the experience of winching yourself through half a map with a couple of liters of fuel 😃 😃 😃 Hope youll make more maps, really 🙂