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April community :
...we're only exploring what options we have, no concrete plans to implement mods on consoles in the short run...

March community :
...we don't have any concrete plans to implement mods at this time...

February community :
...we're continuing to explore the options of adding mods to the console versions of the game..

Do you really explore ? I don't think...

I cross my fingers, so that the map is more work than that of the valley.

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An exit date?

See if content will finally come out on console shortly...

News about the mudrunner usa extension or stand alone ...

If thinking about adding console mods gives a few things ...


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@mudhappy said in Console Modding. An under-informed subjective opinion.:

How are you going to create mods and maps on a console? Oh...wait. I get it. We're supposed to create all the mods and maps on our you can play them on your consoles. Sounds pretty generous of us...when you think of it like that. I mean...what are you giving us in return?

Sorry ..?

The modders create them well for pc players, what is shocking to share with the console community?

What is this old sectarianism ... What a mentality, bravo.

There is a very big modder for the elder who transfers their mod from the pc to the console, and it's the same thing for farming.

As we were going to beg you to create a mod especially for us.

You sell your mods on pc?

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And that I think is a huge mistake on their part. Why not want to offer a feature, claim by more than 90% of console players.

No we prefer to work on a twitch version, rt surely a dlc or stand alone pay usa.

Saber has already been very critical after abandoning the first spintire, but the bait of winning and stronger than anything.

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Do not misrepresent my words.

I said that I was close to paying for dlc, if the content and quality. Not like the dlc the valley, which and a huge joke.

The only ones talking about putting modder content in the form of dlc is saber.

Yes I agree that it will be very hard for them to offer modded content in the form of paid dlc.

I said especially do not understand, finally if I think I know why, that saber offers content of less good quality, a moddeur alone.

But that's probably the choice made by saber, twitch version ...

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@raphael said in Console Modding. An under-informed subjective opinion.:

Zoglet has really well covered why it's hard to bring mod to consol but it could be done at least for map maybe with difficulty rating in therm of gameplay and brought as a free dlc.
Also before being able to play moded map it would be nice to first complete a few map in easy and hardcore to get a good understanding on
how things work then moded map are unlocked,this is being valid for pc too,so many people complained about not having workshop and now they just leaving it's too hard or something else ☹

It would not bother me that the dlc is paid if they are the level of some map that we see on pc.

One even wonders how some modders alone, do a better job and in less time than a team of saber ...

When the history of licenses that prevents the arrival of mods, saber only has to write that it releases all responsibility as does focus for farming or that bethesda for the elder scrolls.

In short, for me saber devotes himself to version wii to rake money again and completely forget the follow-up of his games. As he had already done for the first spintire. And hopefully we redo spending with the extension or stand alone usa. ☹

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@erik13e said in Console Modding. An under-informed subjective opinion.:

I am definitely looking forward to console mods on the PS4, Here are a few things I am interested in...

  1. MAPS: I am specifically looking forward to ANY Desert maps and United States location models.
  2. VEHICLES: Rock Crawlers, Buggies, The older Chevy style bodied trucks, Jeeps, Trail Runners, Bronco's, etc.

I would love an option for Users to create their own, from various models to choose from, If possible?

I am xbox player, and I would say buy a pc if you want it all.

No mods will be released on console. I have lost hope.

To see what will give the next dlc, even if I think it will be in the vein of the valley, so nothing exceptional.

Rest more than the mudrunner usa, but it will be necessary to wait until the end of the year for infos, and unfortunately the end of the year promises great games and I will forget mudrunner by then.

Too bad the game had such potential.

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Perhaps are you ready to talk, to the content of the next dlc ?

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So to summarize,

saber has been thinking for 6 months about the possibility to put the mods on console. But they have no concrete plan for the moment.

They think in the form of dlc, paying or nothing is said. But to get inflated by them by charging for content they did not create.

A dlc like the valley is under development, to see because the map was nothing terrible and the new vehicles.

They work on the possible extension or new games usa.

And they work on the switch version, which for me is a waste of time and money.

I know what I have to do if I want to take full advantage of the game. Switch to pc, and like 80% of players, take a cracked version.

Sorry saber, but in view of your interest in console players, I will not support you financially in the futur.

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When I talk about farming mods, I do not mean dlc. But of the contents made available by the modders. Example blacksheep, which is modders and offers content, I doubt that it is the license for all that it offers, tractors, trucks, agricultural equipment ... And yet focus allows this content in the modhub.

When done saber is a smaller studio, ok no problem. But the basic game on pc accepts mods, so the console game also accepts them normally. Finally if they are the same versions.

Well, they would not have so many people who slow down on the addition of mods on consoles, if saber spoke clearly on this subject. And not just tell us for 6 months "we think about it".

There is no technical problem, and if there were, the focus teams have the know-how to help them.

So it is time that saber expresses himself very sincerely on the subject, yes or no. The console players would not stay in a wobbly situation.