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@jambo said in Introducing Speed Reloading!:

Excellent! Is that tracked for all players and AI or just for player's? For example does that mean if the enemy AI has an RPG, with 1 in the tube will it be ready to fire on pick up?

Hey Jambo,

Thanks for your question. All of the ammunition in a weapon is tracked for both AI and players. So if a weapon is dropped, the game will remember the ammo it had in it when picked up again.

I'd like to clarify what Netheos said too, just so nothing is misunderstood. As of now we have no plans to allow people to pick up actual magazines dropped from Speed Reloads off of the floor. It's an interesting idea but this might have some imbalance implications. We like the idea that a Speed Reload has a penalty of losing the rounds left in that magazine. We'll see about it in testing though.

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