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Yeah. My last post in this thread pretty much sums all the s**t that's going on with the RPG's.

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This happened to me 3 times yesterday. First of them were when I was shooting from the window of the second floor to the ground level. RPG was sticking out of the window and yet it hit the bottom frame of the window and I exploded. Second was a two level street and I was shooting behind from a small rail. RPG was over the rail, yet it hit it and I exploded. Third was at when I was shooting from a corner. I stood approx. 1m away from the corner and shot the RPG down the street. Or that's what I thought what was gonna happen. NOPE! Hit the corner and I exploded.

The third suicide caused me to rage quit. This game is SO buggy it drives me insane in 30mins after I start playing!

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@vengefulmosquito said in Get rid of the reload upon respawn or add brief spawn protection:

@mikma You can actually cancel/skip the reload if you switch to a different gun or equipment.

Yes, which results into another reload of another weapon.

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@depleted said in Get rid of the reload upon respawn or add brief spawn protection:

If you're somehow being spawn camped then that means you're doing a terrible job.
custom servers will add spawn protection for sure, but it's not something NWI should waste time on since a very small percentile of bad players will get to experience being spawn camped by superior opposition.

I disagree with you 100% with this one. Bots are known to circle around behind your back and usually they end up in the spawn area. When you spawn, first thing you do is reload your gun which takes 2-3 seconds, and in this time the bot usually has managed to kill you because you CAN'T DO ANYTHING BECAUSE OF THE RELOAD!

No matter what you say, this happens even if you think you have cleared all.

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@depleted About both. I play extremely offensive Breacher and usually I try to shoot them in the face with shotgun. So I hear those annoying screams quite alot.

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@depleted Some statistics:
Soundcard is Asus Z170 PRO GAMING/AURA Intel Z170 LGA 1151 ATX builtin SupremeFX 8-Channel High Definition Audio.
Headphones are HyperX Cloud Stinger.
No audio glitches or loops, other than the global "my car is my merry-go-round" bug... rofl.
Ping seems to be between 40-55. Now it was stable 52.
As I said, death sounds are horrible. Other sounds (including explosions) are badass.

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They are horrible. Really horrible. Perhaps I can give you the medallion of the most horrible death sound ever. Shoot someone in the face and they'll scream for 3-4 seconds and that death sound sounds like that one horrible squicky duck everyone's seen in the internet. Oh, also, why in the heck do they scream "SNIPER" after the sniper has shot them in the face? This has happened many, MANY times.

This game has gore, please redo the sounds what a human propably sounds like when someone shots him/her in the face. it's not IIOOOOIIIIIUUUUOOOUUUOOOUUIIIUUUUOOOO, it's something much, much more horrible. See some movies.