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@mariecécile-jacq it's not that we want to know everything about every companion, just who we can romance and preferably before the release so we wouldn't get in the game blind then get disappointed like it happened before with other games

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@MarieCécile-Jacq said in Will Greedfall have same sex romances like Technomancer?:


In Greedfall you can play a man or a woman with some basic facial customisation options (skin colour, hairs, facial hairs...). You will also be able to develop your relationship with your five companions, and if you're close enough to some of them you will be able to have a romance with them, which will of course include gay/lesbian romance.

Thanks for your interest 🙂

Thats really great to hear!! I just hope you continue to avoid the stereotypes like you did with Andrew! Tired to see most bi males/females portrayed promiscious or cunning, we need some noble types as non straight too 😛

and ofc hopefully there will be equal choices for each orientation too 🙂

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