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@mj You mean Inquisitor Martyr? I've already pre-ordered the super shiny edition. Could have used some of that money for Deathwing or Tactics, shame Focus lost out on it.

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Are you going to cancel the Xbox version at the last moment like you did Deathwing?

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@pobourque After their long silence and cancellation of the Xbox version, I wouldn't expect them to be too quick to inform retailers of the cancellation. I mean, they couldn't even release a working base game, so I wouldn't count on them being intelligent enough to let retailers know. Maybe their just hoping Microsoft won't notice so they don't have to pay the penalty fee for not being able to deliver on their contract.

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Guys, let's not get carried away. This was only one of the Warhammer 40K games coming to Xbox this year. There's Inquisitor Martyr and, supposedly, Eternal Crusade coming out as well. From my understanding, both Neocore Games and Behaviour Interactive have some clue as to how to communicate with their followers and they know how to code a game to work on all of the consoles. So we miss out on a game that has failed to deliver on promises and refused to return our calls, would we have fully trusted them to give us a good game, especially after the base game was such a mess? So, let us all stop harassing Focus and remember that our money can be put toward better games.

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Well, it's 7 PM in France and the end of their calendar week. Are we really surprised that there wasn't a more clear announcement on the fate of the Xbox version?

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Yes, if you buy the current version of the game for PC then, when the EE comes out, it will be updated for free.

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@kommodore77 said in Urgent News: Xbox One Version has been cancelled:

@grey-seer true brother! Maybe I misinterpreted what Valrak said 😬
Anyway, We wait for the statement for a bit of transparency, or not 🤒

It’s a 🤬 shame if it’s only ever coming to PS4 and not the more powerful X1X 🤮
I was always under the impression that PS4 is harder to programme than Xbox, and that the X1X is said to be a breeze - supposedly taking less than a day to create an X1X patch for some, though that’s just what I’ve heard.

I hope I’m wrong and it releases later on.

In all honesty, it's probably another backdoor Sony deal. What other reason would they have to remove all mention of Xbox from the site? Add to this that SHDW is, to be honest, a relatively unknown game, but there's suddenly a bunch of marketing from Sony about it.

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