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I would love to have real diff lock settings like the real trucks in real life. I mean, most of the trucks don't have diff lock, and that include C-255, D-535, or even E-7310!

Of course, if you do that, you will have to review the coefficient of frictions of some surfaces (if not all of them). Quick exemple: currently with a 6x6 loaded truck on pavement -> without diff locked, 1 or 2 wheels are spinning. Same on gravel: I feel like the wheels spin way too quickly without diff lock engaged. In mud, wheel spinning without diff lock is okay.

The aim is this idea is to force the player to use more often dedicated vehicles (such as skidders and forwarders). It seems you started to do that in American Wild, by adding trucks that basically suck everywhere but pavement.

EDIT: one other nice addition would be to have collision axles. Currently axles can go through rocks, trees, etc... which remove some challenge

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Thanks for your reply! It's a shame it's not possible... Most off road games I played beside Spintires let you choose which axle you lock...

Regarding the change after the Valley DLC, I found that old thread:
First page, it says in the change log: "Steering Wheels Differential Lock in hardcore mode will now behave the same way as in casual mode."
I am not 100% sure anymore (you make me doubt 🙂 ) but I remember that the front axle were not locked in hardcore, although my memory could play me some tricks...

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I am wondering if it is possible to change the diff lock settings easily (i.e. through a .xml modification) ?

What I would like to do is to modify which axle can be locked, for example the 2 rear axles can be locked but not the front one. This in order to be closer to the real life trucks. I have watched a few youtube videos of Russian logging, and clearly, most of the trucks don't have diff locks on all axles, like in Mudrunner !
So the ideal plan would be to find the info (tech manual?) for some trucks (all of them?), and try to modify the diff lock settings accordingly.

I remember in the first versions of Mudrunner, in hardcore mode, the front axle would not be locked. I believe they modified that with the DLC the Valley, which is a shame... 😞


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@sodoma Exactly! Traction on pavement is ridiculously low. 2 days ago I was driving the Ford LT9000 with 6 long logs, on pavement. For some reason I stopped in a climb, on pavement. And the wheels span like hell when I restarted ! Huge load, 8 rear wheels with diff lock, and you still get some wheels spinning... I would understand an engine stall, but wheel spinning? Come on...
This low traction on pavement is also likely the reason why trucks are so hard to drive at "high speed", in my opinion...

On mud, I feel traction is too high 😆

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@kingnightshadow Funny, I actually think it's more realistic. When you watch videos of Russian logging with big trucks like in Mudrunner, they seem to struggle more in the mud !

Which brings me to another thing I saw in these videos: most of the truck don't seem to have diff lock on the front axle. I remember in Spintires, and the first versions of Mudrunner (before the dlc the valley I think): in hardcore moe only, the front axle did not have dif lock! Which made the game more challenging and fun in my opinion. I wonder why they changed that, but I miss it...

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Have you tried playing with the Sensationmin and Sensationmax settings in the xml files? I think that's what control the sensitivity to damage (not the amount (capacity) of damage), but I could be wrong. I haven't tried.

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Sides are always more sensitive to damages than front or rear bumpers. I believe they did that to get more damages from a roll over.
If I remember correctly you can tweak the sensitivity to damages in the xml files. To be confirmed.

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Nothing new in the dlc beside maps, trucks and addons?
No correction of bugs, no improvement/tweaks of physics?

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Rocks are actually possible to move, though they are so heavy that it's very difficult...
The biggest rock (which is not that big) weighs 1600 units (kg?), which is as much as A-469.

Fallen trees are indeed attached to the ground. If you want to detached them, you have to play with the .xml files.
With lineardamping and angulardamping settings, you can avoid to have them roll in front of the wheels of the truck. These commands simulate the "friction" of the tree on the ground.
However, there is one glitch that can be very annoying (unfortunately it's not a perfect mode), but I will not go into too much details.

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