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I think first and last one look best, with parts from new necron carrier. Maybe "super weapon-platform" could have some titan perks like increased boarding range.

Is it possible to "bake" different abilities into ships? Like for example necron battleship with tyranid psychic scream. And 2 usual skills that player can choose.

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@beernchips said in Question/discussion about accuracy:

To explain, macros are shotting at a specific point that will hit the target taking in account the movement of the target. So if you change direction or speed a succeeded shot can still miss.
Also for big ships, if a shot is "failed" it means that he don t hit the point targetted but depending of the dispersion you can still another point of the hull and still deals damages (not sure if the explanation is clear)

Basically "accuracy" is a stat that defines chance of shot being aimed correctly. High accuracy = good aim. But enemy movement, celestial objects, wrecks can reduce amount of shots that actually hit.

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Lance Turrets of Macragge's Honour sound like macro-cannons. They should have lance firing sound.

When engines or deck is destroyed, particle FX spawns high above the ship. Screenshot below.

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I exited (and quicksaved) campaign while it was in "moving enemy fleets around" stage, and now game when loading that save (beta branch).

Save folder and crash logs down below.

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Is this issue known and is it going to be fixed?

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Customizing AI would be awesome. And also more weapon choices for them.

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