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@tyran272 said in [Mod] Titan "Ancient One" usable in Tyranid Campaign:

Wouldn't it be better to give the Ancient One as an unique ship like the Gloriana in the Imperial campaign?

It would be much better, however my knowledge about modding this game is not that extensive. I'm not sure, if it's possible to modify campaign to give player a certain ship.

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After playing roughly half of tyranid campaign I've learned 2 things.
a) this mod actually works, haven't noticed any issues
b) Titan with ramming damage immunity is extremely OP.

Also, ordnance has a hard time getting back inside, Ancient One must either stop or move in a straight line, otherwise fighters won't come back.

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@skalgrim-fellaxe said in New Titans and other goodies for Skalgrim Mod:

@neighbor-kid Sometimes I can add certain weapons or parts to certain ship-bodys, sometimes I cannot. Sometimes weapons do not work, other times they do.

I've had these problems when trying to add weapons to the Ancient One. All of it's weapon sockets are inside it's hull, and projectile weapons refused to fire from there. Torpedoes, claws and tentacles worked fine tho.

In theory, if you have a ship with big prow (Gloriana-class), it's possible to put additional prows inside, so ship would have multiple torpedo launchers.

Also, have you tried using Gloriana hull with Admech deck? It might look cool, if it works.

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alt text
I've made a simple mod that allows using Tyranid titan "Ancient one" in Campaign, outside of special missions. Modded titan has some additional perks and weapons.

  • This mod replaces one of the "Hiveship" Battleships with Ancient One - I didn't figure out how to add actual titan to the selection.
  • Modded Ancient One has some additional weapons (Great Claws, Tentacles, Bio-torpedoes). These weapons are not visible on the outside - they are hidden inside ship's model, but all do work correctly.
  • Modded Ancient One has some of it's perks replaced - "Consumption Cycle" and "No Lightning Strikes" are replaced with "Sensors" and "Bio-regeneration". While original perks are not present, ship still has no boost and no lightning strikes.
  • Stats & signature skill (psychic scream) are not changed, except boarding power - it's defined by ship tonnage, and modded Ancient One is technically a battleship. Ramming damage and crit modifiers can be a bit different from the original.
  • Original Ancient One shouldn't be changed in way.

Please note note that I didn't playtest whole Tyranid Campaign, something might be broken somewhere.
Also, if you are playign against Tyranids in other campaigns you might encounter this modded Ancient One (since it's a battleship).

Affected files - making a backup of them would be a good idea.
...\Battlefleet Gothic The Cadian Gate\BattlefleetGothic2\Content\Data\UnitSchema\Official\UnitSchemaOfficial.json
...\Battlefleet Gothic The Cadian Gate\BattlefleetGothic2\Content\Data\UnitStats\Official\UnitStatsOfficial.csv

Download link


  1. Add -noEAC to game's launch options in Steam. This will disable EAC and machmade multiplayer.
  2. Put BattlefleetGothic2 folder from the archive into BFGA folder (Battlefleet Gothic The Cadian Gate), and agree on replacing 2 files.

This mod is not compatible with any other mods that modify ships and stats.

This mod was possible thanks to this thread from @PistonMiner

Have fun!

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I think first and last one look best, with parts from new necron carrier. Maybe "super weapon-platform" could have some titan perks like increased boarding range.

Is it possible to "bake" different abilities into ships? Like for example necron battleship with tyranid psychic scream. And 2 usual skills that player can choose.

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@beernchips said in Question/discussion about accuracy:

To explain, macros are shotting at a specific point that will hit the target taking in account the movement of the target. So if you change direction or speed a succeeded shot can still miss.
Also for big ships, if a shot is "failed" it means that he don t hit the point targetted but depending of the dispersion you can still another point of the hull and still deals damages (not sure if the explanation is clear)

Basically "accuracy" is a stat that defines chance of shot being aimed correctly. High accuracy = good aim. But enemy movement, celestial objects, wrecks can reduce amount of shots that actually hit.

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Lance Turrets of Macragge's Honour sound like macro-cannons. They should have lance firing sound.

When engines or deck is destroyed, particle FX spawns high above the ship. Screenshot below.

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I exited (and quicksaved) campaign while it was in "moving enemy fleets around" stage, and now game when loading that save (beta branch).

Save folder and crash logs down below.