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Spoiler Warning

I am aware that you get one book when you choose a class but I just finished a playthrough now and are missing 4 books (Unsure if they count the one you would have gotten if you choose some other class but I would assume so).
Oh, can ofc feel free to use this as a guide aswell. I got some of it some the steamcommunity and just built on it.

So which books are I missing and where to find them?
I love this game I would love to find them all, thank you in advance for your help 🙂
Also please add a auto-run button 😃

So I am missing some books and have played 100+ hours with every choice and I always miss some books.
The once I have found so far are:

  1. Art of knowing people, +1 Psych. You get it for choosing the Detective class.
  2. Laws of Gallantry, +1 Diverson. You get ti for choosing the Diplomat class.
  3. Archidoxes of Magic, +1 Occultism. You get it for choosing the Occultist class.
  4. Mysterium Cosmographicum, +1 Science. Under the loose board on the wharf.
  5. Parallel Lives, +1 Conviction. On the front table in the main hall.
  6. Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior, +1 Etiquette. On some drawers N of the NW stairs.
  7. Daily record of the secret police +1 Questioning. In Peru's room.
  8. Port-Royal Grammar, +1 Linguistics. In Emily's room.
  9. Evelyna, +1 Etiquette. In Elizabeth's room.
  10. The Prince, +1 Manipulation. In Bonaparte's room.
  11. The Sorrows of Young Werther, +1 Psych. Scammed off the servant in the main hall (Need Conviction or Manipulation).
  12. Thoughts on the French Revolution, +1 Politics. Gained from winning confrontation with Bonaparte.
  13. Discourse on the Method, +1 Logic. Dining room near fireplace.
  14. Thoughts on Art, +1 Erudite. Gorgon room.
  15. Sophistria, +1Diversion. Box room
  16. Leviathan, +1 Politics. Mortimer's Study
  17. Hortus Delicarium, +1 Erudition. Wöllners rum.
  18. Theatrum chemicum, +1 Occultism. Wöllners kista.
  19. De humani corporis fabrica, +1 Science. Mortimer's Secret room
  20. The Locksmith's Art, +1 Subterfuges. Service stairs
  21. Memoire to the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, +1 Linguistics. Garden i hörnet på ett bord.
  22. Inspector's journal, +1 Questioning. Washingtons rum.
  23. Treaty on modern interrogation techniques, +1 Questioning. Perús rum efter sedation.
  24. Organon, +1 Logic. Crypt.
  25. Hunting Book, +1 Vigilance. Small salon brevid Holm.
  26. Al Azif, +1 Erudition, +1 Occultism, +1 Subterfuges, +1 Science, +1 Conviction, +1 Logic, +1 Diversion, +1 Psychology, +1 Linguistics, +1 Politics, +1 Vigilance, +1 Manipulation, +1 Etiquette, +1 Questioning, +1 Agility. Wharf at night.
  27. Dangerous Liaisons, +1 Manipulation. On the table in fron of the stairs to Mortimer's Study.
  28. The Encyclopedia, +1 Science, +1 Linguistics, +1 Erudition.
  29. Notes by De Richet, +1 Manipulation, +1 Conviction, +1 Occultism.
  30. Thoughts on men and society, +1 Manipulation, Psychology, Politics.