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@araxp said in Spintires: MudRunner - The Valley Is Now Available!:

Soil has been made softer

What!? Mud is already soft enough to make it even softer!

I second this. No need to have vehicles swimming in the soil, instead of riding on it. Cause really, it just looks weird and unrealistic as heck. Hope devs will notice this.

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@pavel, Thank's for replying! I'm glad to hear that it's one of the improvements that we might see sometime in the future, so good luck with all your work 🙂 Watching the progress of Spintires and how the game becomes better and better was always very enjoyable thing for me.
P.S and keep amaizing quality models of Alexander Burov coming into the game 😃

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Hello, Pavel! Great article here, I have 1 question: is it possible to add specular\glossiness map for mud? I like how it looks visually, but it lacks when it comes to "feeling" it's substance. I mean it doesn't look like it's something wet and slicky, like the real mud is. Mud in real life is pretty glossy. Of course, dry soil needs to be there as well, since wet mud is the softest one, and usually can be found near the water.
I guess there's some technical limitation that won't allow to add this effects?
alt text
alt text
The above are examples of the "wet" mud that I'm talking about 🙂