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@whitby @Dark1202

So I've googled "what language ISIS speaks" and found this yellowish article "The Islamic State speaks Russian" by Dr. Alisa Fainberg (the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) which I've never heard before because I've never looked)
So she says ( :

  • there are a lot of russian mersenaries in ISIS

  • they speak russian (even if it is not naitive language to them)

  • ISIS have a lot of translators to bungh of languages included russian

  • ISIS propoganda pay special attention to russian auditory

Сonclusion: russian swear may be heard in syrian battlefields, but it will be with accent. Because most of the best russian-speaking ISIS stuff must be working for the marketing department and even them not so good at it:

"Language analysis of content shows that articles are written by Caucasian authors with typical speech patterns and grammar mistakes. Russian language is seems to be second native for authors (since it serves as a bridge language for different Caucasian ethnic groups), but it was partly arabized due to long term stay in Syria."

My point is Devs doing fine job. The only problem is they hired actor with such pure russian. And for russan-speaking players his melodic voice belongs to christian slavic russians, ukranians, belorus which must fight AGAINST ISIS/insurgents, not for them, as some muslims from ex-Soviet countries.
(Same problem, same arguments

But I bet Devs just don't know this nuances and try to do their best. I even think they believed this voiceover is a gift to russian audience of the game. And I guess I am gratefull because voiceover is savage!

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@whitby The thing is Chechens (ISIS fighters) or other mercenaries from ex-Soviet countries speak equally bad russian or english or at least they have strong accent. And in game voice is so clear I wish I sounded like that. So this is bit confusing to me. But I agree that may be not such a big problem for everyone else.
Considering "creative liberties" seems like I must admit that my concerns about dev's ill intents are unreasonable.

(Btw my paranoia tells me not to believe you about your rambo friend)

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Voice acting is amazing and it is fun to listen to russian curse all over the game. But it is really confusing because russians, as far as I can tell, fighting by government side. And government troops cannot be insurgent. Whether russian voiceover for insurgents is just a good idea came too late to reassemble the whole game and its backstory OR devs didn't do their homework on Syrian war (unlikely) and made russians bad guys by default (my paranoia tells me it is the reason).

So maybe it is good idea to make this voiceover available to security forces too?

P.S. Бабушка медведь водка ушанка балалайка. Сука бля.