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GIVE OUT MORE KEYS - Queue times are stupid and NO ONE is addressing the issue. Cmon guys.

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I'm not giving up on the game but you bring up some very valid points. I agree with just about every one of them.

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Hello all,

Aside from the other post I made about the end game, I have a couple of suggestions for the game that may make it a little more balanced.

  1. Anomalies are WAY too powerful and there are too many of them.

Anomalies are not easy to avoid when you are running around trying to keep from dying to adrenaline, or even when you're driving. They take off way too much damage as well. I suggest either, lowering the amount of damage, lowering the total amount of anomalies and/or giving us some sort of visual indicator as to what direction the anomalies are in. Sort of like a hit indicator. The ticking of the geiger is great but it really doesn't help, especially in high heat weather or when driving.

  1. Wolves attack is way too high. Making them harder to hit than they should.

When you get attacked by wolves they literally jump way over your head and past you. If you don't kill them before they jump, it is a scramble, especially when there are more than one, to kill them. Lower their jumping to player head height and lower the dmg slightly as well. Those things are STRONG and there is a lot of them. It would be pretty cool too if we could distract or lure them with food too.

  1. Inventory could be more intuitive.

The way the inventory is currently, I really like it. Off to the side, the backpacks scale good and things are easy to move around and see what goes where. I think with some minor tweaks we can have the best inventory in a survival/BR game. In Ring of Elysium for example, if I pick up a gun and attachments from my currently held gun can swap, they automatically are on the newly picked up gun. Or, if I have guns in my gear slots and I pick up an attachment for it, it is automatically applied to the gun. It may sound dumb to some of you or it may sound cheap, but I suggest you go check out the game I mentioned above and see how refreshing it is just to not have to worry about those little things. It makes the game feel polished.

That is all I have for now. This game is great and it is going to be even better by full release. I cannot wait to see how it evolves and hopefully be a part of it growth.

Thanks all.

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More and more, the meta of end game is becoming, rush to the chopper and extract before anyone else arrives. To the 5+ people still alive this feels cheap and we feel cheated. It is happening a lot. I have a suggestion that will make end game more of a fight to extract.

In the final zone, have a supply drop containing a flare marked on the map. Players will have to rush to the supply drop, grab the flare and use it to call the chopper for extraction. After the chopper arrives, players will have to extract the same way we do now. If the person refuses to use the flare then the final zone goes into Adrenaline mode and forces players to expose themselves and fight.

I believe it adds a lot of depth to the end of the matches and will turn out to be a lot of fun at the end. Where currently, it feels like it is lacking and 9 times out of 10, someone extracts before much can be done about it.