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@knight25 said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:

I wonder if Focus decided not to show MR2 on E3 so that their game would not be overshadowed by the most important games such as Cyberpunk?

That would be silly as it's not competing with those games anyways. This is way too much of niche title to be playing any kind of games with when/how they release info about it.

This is a slow-paced simulation game about a mundane task. People interested in the newest Call of Battlefield shooter or the next Fortnite/Apex Legends/whatever trendy multiplayer game aren't going to have the attention span to care about MR2 anyway.

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@Sodoma said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:

@deathcoreboy1 On a one hand, I agree, on the other, try to make something (a PC game for example) completely universal and for everybody and you'll end up with a product that has everything and is really good at nothing...

I hope for the same game in its core with improvements and enhancements, not for competition for ETS/ATS...

Agree so much that I needed to quote it.

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@sodoma said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:

So far I've never hit any piece of evidence, that western logging (or cargo delivering of any sort) involves retired military vehicles -> I can't see any reason to expect such thing in MR2. I am not saying that can't happen, I am just saying that I don't see any reason to expect it.
But I can be missing something, so if you know something, please share... 🙂

I'm not involved in the industry but I live in a heavily forested area and know some people who are and there are some smaller operations around here.

You are right for larger operations, but there are some small operations (like 2 or 3 guy teams) that use some retired military equipment, but that's because they will basically use whatever they can get their hands on that is cheap and sturdy. It's not too common, though.

We had some trees removed years ago by someone who used an old propane converted, bobbed GM 6x6 to drag logs out of places to be loaded up because it was cheap and could fit places a skidder couldn't. It used a fixed boom he added as a PTO winch point to lift one end of the log into a spiked plate sorta cantilever style until the far end of the log picked up, and had a bunch of weights on the front of it to keep it from lifting the front tires. Was pretty cool really, shame I didn't think to get any pictures of it back then.

There's also a drainage pipe company that I go past sometimes on the way to a racetrack that has a cool cabover 4x4 military thing they use for deliveries sometimes. I'm not great with military equipment but I think it's a Saurer 6DM... Although it was for sale last time I drove past it a few months ago.

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As much as I love MR, it's a very simple and limited game, and there are a lot of things they can do to "diversify" without having to change locales or do a bunch of boring asphalt driving in otherwise useless road trucks.

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Since I don't work with Saber or Focus I obviously dunno what their plan is for the release of this stuff, but as someone on the outside this whole thing looks like a pretty silly way to handle things.

First there was the announcement of Mud Runner 2 right as they were getting ready to release AW, which took a bit of attention away from the AW release while accomplishing basically nothing in terms of hype for MR2 as it provided zero information.

Then they have a big reveal event, don't live stream it, don't give us any official write-ups, don't share the screenshots, don't pop into the forums and drop us a little tidbit or a comment or anything. Kinda makes it look like they couldn't care much less about their core community.

Then on top of that, they mostly show off trucks made for driving on asphalt for their game titled Mud Runner 2...

Not sure I see any positive with the way this stuff has been handled so far.

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Problem is that people will ruin any system like that.

Map is extra hard and a casual player downloads it? Thumbs down.
Map is more a logging map but a trail riding player downloads it? Thumbs down.
Map is similar in theme to a map they made? "They copied me!" and thumbs down.
Hardcore elitist type downloads easy map? Thumbs down.


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GTA IV actually had a pretty good suspension model in terms of articulation and travel, which made it pretty decent for rock crawling and such.

The rest of the GTA's have had pretty lame physics, particularly GTA V that has the worst yet.

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@jellyfoosh said in Free DLC Old-Timers Out Today!:

Included is the Chevrolet NAPCO 3100, a 1957 model by General Motors with minor modern updates to make it able to handle MudRunner’s treacherous fields. Compatible with a number of existing add-ons, it also brings two new ones: a loaded log cart and a scout trailer that are both exclusive to the new Rocky Hills map.

This is wrong, the scout trailer isn't exclusive to the new map, I was playing with it on others earlier.

Also, please give us DETAILED, COMPLETE patch notes. There were unmentioned things (including the map changes) and very vague things in previous patch notes, and that isn't helpful.

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If it is a mistake I can only assume that those of us on consoles are boned then.

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...So is this thing supposed to be front-wheel drive while in 2WD mode?

The only Napco 4x4 truck I've seen in a situation where it would spin tires was a burnout by a custom one where the rear wheels turned as you would expect, but obviously it was modified and maybe wasn't even a true Napco converted truck.

All the rest of the ones I've seen are basically show trucks and that look like they never see anything more "off road" than some grass to park on for a show, so can't really verify based on that.