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after testing a bit i find that they suffer from the same problem they had in BFG1 which is that there ships HP are a class lower then the one they are classified as,
a good example of that is the Strike Cruiser it has the HP of a Light Cruiser (which they are more or less) and a bit better Firepower but the Pricetag of an regular Cruiser and that leads to the Marines not beign able to trade well with similar sized vessels which makes them not only Outnumbered (what marines should be) but also too squishy (what marines should not be), easist solution in my opinion would be to increase their hitpoints to the level of similar sized levels from the Imperial Navy

another idea would be turning strikecruisers into slightly overpriced lightcruisers (like in the Old rulebook) and kicking out the current ones and for that adding a kind of larger Battlecruisers type for the marines but that would require far much more work then necessary

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I have the same problem with my slightly older PC while the rest of the game runs rather fine and in some points like loading times far better the BFG 1 (with the exception of the game suiciding too fast on 2-3 sec freezes which then ends in you getting a game has crashed message while it runs the game is going on in the background).

I can not enter the Fleet customization as it will freeze my entire PC and forcing me to restart it