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... and you can now set up your private leagues so that they calculate points using different formulas than the standard 3-1-0 and use that to sort the league standings.
When doing that, you can also specify what tie-breakers to use when showing the league standings (Including Opponent Rank Average, Head-2-Head and Coleman Waldorf).
Link to the feature is in the League Standings header bar.

Changing this is not restricted, but if someone is messing with your competition sorting, PM me and I'll lock the feature for that competition, possibly allowing to change it from Spike!-bot only.

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Sorry for the spy being down a lot lately. Have been battling some memory issues on the server, but hopefully it's a bit more stable now.

  • Schedule is now shown for non-ladder competitions.

  • There's now a link to a RSS feed in the competition overview (next to the Last results).
    The RSS just spits out the mathup in title and result in description as a link the match, but a nice way to get notifications if you have a RSS reader.
    Works fine with "Read - Simple RSS Reader" on android and Feeder chrome extension (took a while for the first update, but now it seems to work properly).

  • When clicking on a coach you now also get a list of basic stats for other competitions the coach has been a part of and from there you can click to check out these old competitions

  • For discord/twitch users, check out the Extraarmsbot by bzl11 ( and the Spike! bot by Poncho_dlv (
    They are totally awesome!

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@dode74 Ah, yes, race names are not working as they should on the query pages , and appently not all other cells on the query pages. Thanks

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@dode74 Might be that I was fiddling about so you haven't got the latest script.
Try shift-reload in the browser and see if the issue is still there.
If still there, what browser and page?

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Small update (yes, I'm alive):

Hovering over a cell in a table will highlight equal items in any table on the page.
So hover over a race image in league standings for example will highlight all teams using that race.

Added a new table to the front page of Cabalvision leagues that lists top 3 of each race.

Now collecting Cabalvision about every 15min and other leagues every 30min.
This required some rewriting, so if you spot anything odd, please let me know.

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Hi, sorry for late response.

Could it be that the league or competition has a space somewhere in Bloodbowl that you have missed when activating on goblinSpy?
The name must be EXACT as in the game.
When I run a request for that league for the last week I don't get any games, but if I run for a league named the same but with a space in the beginning, I do (" Polska Liga Blood Bowl").

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@symiant Ill be back next week. pm me competition name and description of symptoms.

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@blackironbattles Sure thing.
Just PM me here or on discord if it happens and I'll fix.

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FYI: Minor changes to the goblinSpy.
The spy was generating a bit too much questions to cyanide API so I was asked to do something about it.
Did a fix that made it update a lot slower on non-official leagues (sorry), but a bit faster for official (cabalvision) leagues.
I believe that did the trick and that it landed on acceptable levels.

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It's OK now?
top lists will appear once teams have played enough games (3 or something like that)

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