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Tbh, I don't see any value in this proposal. I would readily pay for new meaningful content, like new game modes (7s, streetbowl, squigbowl, Stunty League, new AI, new solo campaign even, if it will be really something interesting), or new framework (a platform which allows users to create their own mods and rulesets, and use them in their leagues), or transition to the latest BB (tabletop) ruleset, or at least some new optional features (rigged balls for Gobbos anybody?)

But paying for more teams has the same value as paying for cosmetics, in my eyes - almost zero. There are more than enough teams already.

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From what I see in the adv videos, it's simply the old real-time mode we had in BB1, which they now present as a separate game. Still looks awkward and not very interesting to me.

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@supergnu said in Another day with Claw, sad...:

When you play CoL you end up against the same person every time you search (during that time) IF you even find a player to play against, sometimes you can be spinning for over 30minutes before you find a player and it is almost always someone that is TV somewhere around 300-500 TV higher or lower than your self.

Then don't play COL. Has this idea ever crossed your mind? There are several leagues in which match ups are set statically, by schedule. You can enlist at several at once and have your 3-5 games per week pretty easily.

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@real-scotticus said in Countering the 'Chaos Kill-team':

as trying to force a concession is the priority for this kill-capable, murder--happy 'team'

You are just projecting your pixel-hugger's feelings onto other players. For most of "evil chaos killer team coaches" the goal will be to clear the pitch, not force you to concede. Actually, a lot of them get irritated if the other player drops from game preemptively. They play the game more like a classical tactical wargame, not a football game. And that's totally according to the game's designs, otherwise it would have been discouraged at some point in the past (game has survived 6 rules' editions) They don't care much about your pixels and your feelings about them, just play it the way they like it. You can try to play a team with general AV close to 7 so that Claw would not make much difference. Or you could try no-bash league, if you want to play ball 100% of a time.

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@detortor said in Watch Necromunda: Underhive Wars' Teaser Trailer!:

They want all your friends to own the same system you own, their system.

That just won't gonna happen, and they'll get only a bunch of dissatisfied customers in the end.

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Seems like very agile system, I like it. Unfortunately, such significant overhaul of BB2 at this point is almost impossible. They won't invest in it. May be in BB3, if it will ever happen.

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The guy disconnects exactly before he has to choose an unfavorable blocking results, then when he reconnects, he is able to re-roll. That sounds really fishy, like a bug which is already known to narrow part of community and is abused. Worth investigating.

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Several times, and removing it contradicts official rules too much, meddling with balance. So at best it could be option for private leagues, but knowing Cyanide, you won't have even this little any time soon.

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@kaintxu , what are you doing here so far is almost pointless. Cyanide will most surely ignore you, they tend to be slow even on highly rational and detailed reports/proposals. If you hope to rise a storm in the community and create a drama, hoping this will push them, then fat chance - these forums are not that much popular, and only some die-hard BB fans with no life monitor them on regular basis, they won't be moved an inch by your pretty awful and repulsive presentation, in contrary, you keep alienating them.

If you really would like to be constructive and try to prove something, stop your pointless raging and blabbering and present what could at least remotely pass as a solid proof of the issue. A dozen of replays where you have 4-5+ CAS on high AV players in a match would do, if they don't constitute for a 10% of your games, what would mean they are just rare extremes (see what @Javelin wrote above regarding the online vs offline and number of games)

Otherwise, if you'll continue like this, you'll be mocked/ignored, then utterly forgotten by everybody. Nobody will listen to you, except from a couple of easy-to-be-impressed newbies who may once in a while visit this place. You are wasting your time.

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But overall, I agree with @dode74 - there just should be an editor so anybody could create their own rosters to use in their league. What you're suggesting won't fit in official leagues for sure, as those changes have high impact on balance, and of course you've spent around 0 hours actually testing them. And of course because this would created discrepancy with the official ruleset, even if it's outdated already with rise of BB2016. Still, it's a lot of devs' work hours spent on very questionable adjustments. This belongs to custom team editor and private leagues. And won't happen in BB2, I'm already almost sure..