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I seem to be getting shot through walls a fair bit by bots that don't have obvious LOS. Can't say I noticed that before 1.2.
There also seem to be a lot more crates around than you'd expect in hardcore, makes it a bit easy. A box that only gave extra clips would be better, so you're stuck with what you find.
Also I feel those suicide bombers really should be on a deadman switch in hardcore and counter attacks should nade before going in if unchallenged. Pointing guns at doors shouldn't be the winning strategy....

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Even after my gun loads I'm quite often not getting my scope until the first flag goes.
I can't grab weapons off the floor now, as they won't be ready to use for 3 or 4 minutes.
With the lag/jerkiness (maybe it's some kind of slight rubber-banding) This patch has made it go from running pretty nicely to really horribly for me.