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This is one of the games that would really good with vr. One and only thing they got going is the environments.

However, your deluded if you think vr is coming to this game. There isn't even dedicated servers or any communication from the devs. Who the hell makes a mp game these days without a kick function?!

And of course the cancelled xbox version.

With the almost non existant player count (sub 100 generally speaking), there is very little chance of anything else other than the odd security update.

If they hadn't botched the launch, maybe things would have turned out different.

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Anything to fix afk farming?

And will you be getting rid of region locks, now we have visibility of the game status (ping)?

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Support = money through sales.

Game has been released and sold.

Money comes in various different ways depending on contract, though doubtless there would have been initial payments towards development.

As for commitment, I suspect this is contractual with focus, rather than any sort of lingering loyalty to fans. But I'm happy for someone from focus/sos to confirm its not contractual?

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That's good, steam forums could do with one too.

I will be interested to see what's in it.

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I think it's safe to say this means nothing until it's seen. Also, I take up your claim of spreading heresay - that's not true and you know it.

Unless you want to dispute figures, reviews, and outstanding bugs? No you can't, you just got angry.

Patience has been given - how long did EE take?

Talk all the silly W40k stuff, but the fans have been crapped on by these devs and publisher, they really need to prove their loyalty rather than the other way around.

While it's being discussed, perhaps you should be asking why they are not telling people about this 'large' update through various channels, instead of in a reply on 2 threads in their own forum.

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Kommodore, the arguments you use are completely flawed, because it's only based on your opinion, not a majorities.

I'll validate that.

First you say the media are wrong in their negative reviews. Why? Personally I feel the ones I've read have been extremely generous.

You compare to vermintide, which I won't go into detail because I haven't played it. But lets look at facts. It's got far, far better reviews from both critics and players alike. You can't claim they are all wrong, nor that it's part of some conspiracy.

But more to the point, it has more players than DW. The fact more people want to play vermintide - the first one - over DW says it all.

Please don't use the crap 'waaa your COD players and thus have less valid opinions!' argument. Because not only is it BS, it's completely invalid in this case. I don't play COD, I play things like Space engineers, L4D, baldars gate, master of orion 2, etc. Not to mention all previous space hulk games. I'm also nearing 40 before you pull more 'its for the mature crowd' BS.

I am not encouraging these devs - they have done a shit job by biting off more than they can chew. It's clearly not in their power to do the large amount of work needed to bring people back. Let me make this clear - I'd bet gold that they are only doing updates and did EE due to contractual commitments to Focus.

Worthy of note = I'm sure a lot of people at SOS are talented, and suffered purely due to massive mismanagement. I'm sure they will be able to move on to something worth their talents.

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@kommodore77 I always say only honest reviews should be posted, anything else is simply not on.

However, everything should be fair - asking just one demographic to do so would give an incorrect viewpoint. I also disbelieve it when you say people have grouped together to post negative reviews. There's simply no proof.

However there is proof of the opposite, just have a look at the opening posts in the steam forums for EE. Many jumped on and gave it positive, giving it the incorrect positive status.

That helped people buy it, but it was misleading, as is evident in the score now.

So you see, what you describe has already been done, and the inevitable happened whereby people bought it and were dissapointed.

And of course, didn't hang around to play. Currently, there's 26 people playing.

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Bombing with positive reviews is the most unproductive thing you can do.

Apart from giving this developer completely undeserved praise, it's misleading to potential customers. It also won't fix the problem.

People are not playing the game because it's crap. Sure a few enjoy it, but looking at the numbers drop and reviews the game just has no replayability. So even if there was an influx of players, it would drop off just as quick.

The game needs massive changes it won't get in order to gain and keep players.

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Fully appricate that, I wasn't comparing game for game type. But it's a simple fact, no studio will do updates like that for such low numbers.

And if we want to talk about differences, this has NO HOPE of following nms. That was their own thing, from what was largely their own funding. And while it wasn't what they hyped it up to be, they are at least competent at developing.

Focus are not going to give SOS more money, certainly not enough to make any inroads on the current problems.

I'm completely certain on that, and would like to be proven wrong, since I own the you say, different game for different people. A large sandbox game like that has a chance if done right. This game type will never get those numbers.

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Not in any way, shape or form similar. SOS had to fulfill contractual obligations to focus after they screwed up launch and were late.

I'm sure someone from either SOS or Focus can correct me if that's incorrect.

And don't forget, nms also still had thousands of players even after launch. Lowest it ever dropped was 560 average players.

That's different to 66.

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