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@spun Wow, the work you put into this!!! Can't wait to try it out man!

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Awesome to see this being announced, excited to see the new assets and trying out the valley! But I did see the files for the vehicles a while ago, though.

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@spun Sweet, sounds good!! Will we see the H1 with an overhaul?

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Thank you, dude!!! It's so awesome to drive and perfectly balanced, it also looks really good, maybe the only way I think you could make it better was if it had some more addons outside the car, like on the roof and such. Also, the handpainted camo look sweeeet! Nice work Spun!

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Yeah, This game would be even better with 64 bit!

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Hey, guys I just wanted to get my suggestion out there... We have and love the mud physics so why not sand? There isn't anything I know of to make the sand feel real. I think that it would give much to the game and be really cool.