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Hideout is just a mess of a map for TDM. More-so the portion of the map being used for TDM.

There's too many sniper locations that aren't easily countered, all the flank routes are wide-open and can be managed easily by a sniper or lmg.

The middle of the map is split in half by a wall that makes it way too easy again to watch and stop any incoming attacks.

Overall the map is just not enjoyable and I end up bored sniping at easy targets since they have to walk past an open road with no cover. It's not fun, it's no dynamic, there's no good routes, there's no rotations, it's the epitome of what not to do when making a TDM map.

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Change your settings a few times, V-sync on/off, anti-aliasing on/off. Etc.

Little tedious I know but it was happening to me and randomly changing a few settings got the game to behave.

Aside from that, I would say to verify file cache, which I know you probably already did but just in case.

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One spot you can look at is, “Mountain” (Market) at Hotel. The inside, stairs from the main room.

I’ve tried shooting an RPG into the stairs from the main bottom floor and it just turned to dust.
Not sure if it’s a range thing (like it won’t detonate at close range) or if it’s not working as intended.

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I feel the game needs better direction for new/casual players.

I play a lot of Firefight and it’s really annoying to see the last guy in the middle of nowhere and you can tell he’s got no clue he’s last, no clue what capping an objective does or the concept of the game mode in general.

The game should do what was in Source and have the announcer tell you the general idea of Firefight:
“Okay, we need to get in there quick and capture these objectives. Each cap will bring you guys back. And hey! Watch out for that timer! If it goes to 0 and they’re holding 2 objectives, it’s over.”

As well as a counter to remind players how many are left similar to Rainbow Six Siege.
I would prefer this to be in text, but say if half your team is gone, an audio prompt will go up from the announcer: “Hey! There’s not many of us left!” Something quick and easy to bring on the (ins)urgency of the situation.

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I would say for coop only.

Maybe even as a pick-up for TDM, maybe.

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I really would love to have the option to set Vault as its own key bind.

There’s way too many times where I get caught vaulting on low objects that I can normally jump over, but even though the vault prompt isn’t there, the game still registers the jump as a vault, getting me killed.

Also times I just hit jump near objects, and it forces me to vault over a window or out of cover.

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@cyoce It’s a good idea but I think having a smaller suppression effect while you’re behind cover would be fine.
It would only amplify if you stick your head out during gunfire.

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I agree but I do feel something has to be done. It's too harsh now for how Insurgency should be played, but I don't want to entirely throw out the side of the community that likes the current suppression effect.

It really should be limited to those certain specific circumstances while not getting in the way of the fast-paced gameplay we've come to expect from Insurgency.

If we can't have the suppression effect we had in Insurgency 2014, then I feel a compromised-hybrid type suppression system would be the next best thing.

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The main concern I think I’m seeing from those who like the current suppression mechanic is for long range combat.

However, this system also punishes close quarters to mid-range combat when it really shouldn’t.
The blur effect is more than enough to disorient players and discourage them from firing back immediately.

There’s a lot of situations where an enemy is close to mid, and they’re center screen. All I have to do is pop up my ADS and peg the target. Just that if they hipfire first and miss, my ADS and recoil are now effected by suppression, I can’t line up my shot anymore and effectively return fire, they stop firing for half a second and kill me while I’m still under the effect of suppression.

So they get a free kill because they panic fired while I get punished for aiming.
Instead of, they get punished for panic fire while I get rewarded with the kill for tap firing my shots on target.

Either system rewards the person who shoots first, just that the current suppression system rewards mag-dumping more than tap-firing and precision.

My hybrid system (mentioned in my previous post above) is intended so that close to mid range combat won’t be effected by this uncontrollable RNG, while mid-to-long range combat will have that full suppression effect.
This would nerf panic firing and reward those who actually aim in close to mid range while allowing the LMG/Sniper classes to rain down suppression fire that effects their targets.
Which means you’ll probably won’t be able to counter a sniper with an SMG unless you’re in mid-to-close range, allowing each class to be more useful within their proper ranges.

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