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@mefirst said in PointShooting need to be more accurate.:

I don't "come" from ArmA 3. I was using this as a counterargument to the usually unavoidable "you don't know about "muh realism" argument of other people. I have +2.5K hours of ArmA 3, but I also played the standalone Insurgency and the old mod. Apart from that have played and still play a lot of first person shooters. Some of them go in a relatively similar direction like Insurgency and some don't.

I never had any issues in Sandstorm when going ADS that I could not attribute to the following:

  1. Lack of experience and so I maybe "overshoot" because I miscalculated the recoil.
  2. General mistakes like simply missing a shot etc.
  3. Bad hitreg which seems to have improved since beta.

I gotcha. It’s probably the horizontal recoil that throws me off but it really feels odd compared to Source.

My experience has typically been:

  1. ADS doesn’t line-up quickly (using only irons.)
  2. ADS doesn’t line-up where I think it will be. (Not easy to explain what it is)

I usually wait for the ADS animation (from hipfire to irons) to stop before I start shooting but it seems like it’s too slow for me to do that anymore. But then if I try to shoot mid-animation, I have no way to know where my shots are actually going and end up missing targets at any range.

I really need these guys to put in a shooting range because it may be a set-pattern and something simple that I’m missing but it does feel random or at least inconsistent at times and I don’t have a good way to test what it could be.

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I don’t mind hipfire being unreliable, hence the name. It really should only be used for point blank fire.

What is your opinion on the ADS in the game?
Or does that seem perfectly fine to you as well?
I know you come from Arma but I come from Ins2014 and the gunplay here just feels horrendous from what I’m used to.

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@mr-grim said in Hybrid Sight:

@mlb7 said in Hybrid Sight:

@mr-rain when you are the last one alive you get up, pull a pistol, and handle your business.

End of discussion.

Except that pistols are pure garbage against armored players and they’re not as reliable or as leathal as they were in source.

Not impossible but it really doesn’t stur up a lot of confidence that your sidearm is a glorified pea shooter.

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They could add an option so that you can, but it would be a variant and cost you more supply points.

As much as it may or may not balance the game, something should be done so that your longer range loadouts can still be viable in CQC.

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I feel this is a big problem with Sandstorm.

They over complicated the gunplay.
Had they limited the changes and make them more subtle, so it would feel different but not difficult, I would understand.

But this is a complete re-work and it no longer feels like the Insurgency I’ve come to enjoy.

Unless they make changes so that gunplay is a lot more similar to the original, I won’t be recommending or playing the game.

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@maa_bunny said in I'm done with this crap:

@jarv said in I'm done with this crap:

"Military testing calls for survivability of three hits from the round marked on the plate - for standard SAPI, of a caliber up to 7.62×51mm NATO M80 ball"

That said, the testing I've seen in controlled environments in-game shows that heavy armor won't even protect you from 2 rounds of 5.56 at close range. I think the real issue is hit registration.

Wacky reality: 7.62mm M80 is actually significantly worse at penetrating infantry body armor than 5.56mm M855. That's partly because of the extra velocity of 5.56mm, and partly because the M80 cartridge hasn't been updated since before Vietnam.

@whitby said in I'm done with this crap:

If we're having plates stop rounds, the hitboxes of the plates need to be plate sized, not just the entire torso

This is what needs to happen.

I’m a bit mixed about armor.

It is more realistic to have plate-sized armor but hit-reg and plate location(s) are going to be vital to making them efficient. If all it does is give you 3 damage-free shots to 1 specific part of your body, that seems both good and bad. Good that it’s realistic and armor works, bad as in it may feel OP right now with how the game plays.

If armor works similar to before, where it’s torso only and damage is diminished and not out-right removed, I feel although it’s less realistic, it would be more viable and balanced.

As mentioned before, Hit-reg seems to be an issue right now. I feel that should be fixed first before we buff armor and lengthen the TTK for anyone right now.

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@mefirst said in Done Bye:

Nice of you to actually list some reasons for your decision (no sarcasm btw.)

I think the movement is much better now. The movement was something I really disliked in the earlier beta versions of the game. It felt weird and especially sliding was also pretty op. I like the movement know with the exception of vaulting, which is a bit unreliable at the moment.

Not liking the visual style of a game is fair and square, but it is obviously very subjective. I like the style in total but I wish the colors would be a bit less saturated.

Map balance is something that develops over time as mentioned.

I wasn’t able to play during beta because my PC couldn’t handle it. It wasn’t until Christmas that I got my new PC and immediatey began trying out the game. My only context is comparing Sandstorm to Source. I don’t see why that’s such a hard concept for some people to understand that I expect a sequel to a game to play like its previous iteration. It does NOT have to be on a 1:1 scale, I can handle that. Right now though, it feels like a 1:10 scale. These differences are highly noticeable and uncomfortable for my play style. It feels like I have to work twice as hard in Sandstorm to pull off the same things I’ve done in Source.

I don’t care about visuals, never been a problem for me in particular. What I do care about is core gameplay and everything that effects it. This would include animations that aren’t consistent with character movements. Again, I know this will eventually be fixed I’m just too far fatigued (since 2014) to keep playing a game that feels inferior to its predecessor in regards to core gameplay experience (minus visuals and some good tweaks in Sandstorm of course).

It’s not a matter of trying to defend Sandstorm or saying that it’s fine the way it is. The devs admit a know they have a long road ahead of them. I’m just tired of playing passenger and waiting for these games to be in a state where I can enjoy it. Right now as-is I cannot. I gave it nearly 90 hours and I feel like a fish out of water. That alone should tell you something’s not quite right. (1700+ hours in Source btw)

If the core gameplay wasn’t changed as drastically as it was, (namely gunplay) I wouldn’t care as much about the other issues.

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Pretty much proving my point...

The movement doesn’t feel right to me and yes I do want Insurgency with better graphics and new maps.. Not sure why that’s surprising.

Not saying at all Source was perfect hence why I said ‘Charm’ and not pefect.

Sinjar, Panj, Heights and others aren’t balanced either I agree and I always hate ever trying to play those 3 in particular.

Source could’ve been tweaked better with adding more balance and adjusting spawn locations but all that was dropped to make Sandstorm. Which is fine.

ADS doesn’t feel the same, that’s all I can say. Idk how it works I’m not a dev. If it’s center-screen then why does it feel inconsistent compared to source? Why does my aim feel off in this game but not source? Why is the difference so noticeable to me and others?

Yes Sandstorm is a work in progress and I expect it to be far better a year from now. I’m just tired of playing these games that have the same consistent issues time and time again. I know game developing is difficult and it takes time but for now, I can’t deal with it anymore.

If I could get my money back I would. But instead I invested my time trying to get used to this game. At the state it is in currently, I simply cannot.


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I tried to get used to this game but it doesn’t feel good to me.

I gave it as much time as I could, it just plays way too weighted and different than Source for me to enjoy.

Perhaps after some updates it will be closer to its original charm but for now, I can’t deal with randomized ADS and the big recoil spike on the 2nd or 3rd shot, head glitching, unbalanced maps, etc etc etc.

Maybe in a year the game will be better but for now, I’m just too tired of playing games with the same stupid issues over and over hoping that they get fixed eventually.

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I know that the gamma bug exists and the current way to fix this is by hitting escape a few times.

1 map that’s causing this bug a lot more than the other maps is Refinery. It felt like I had to fix it after every other round.

Possible cause:
I think it may have to do with shadows. I had my shadows set at ‘Medium’, when I had set it to ‘Low’, it seems like this bug was happening more often.
For clarity I was still getting the gamma bug with medium shadows, but not as often.

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