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Just a quick question.
WHEN are you going to fix the SUN rising and setting only in the West?!
I mean this was the fault of Spintires game.
You are fooling people this is a new game, yet is it just copy-paste of the old one with minor details changed, and asking a huge amount of money for an obsolete 4 years old alpha stage game.

See here for what the full Spintires game should have had, not to mention a lot more when it earned several millions just in the first month of sales, 4 years ago....You know actual content.
Money grabbing fooling various player categories is a low down and dirty trick.
The console players that were fooled like the PC players came to realize, but the scam is already done, they were conned out of their money.
Now a different target of potential victims.
Next up tablets and phones, no?!

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hook line and sinker
I fell for it.

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meh..more idiotic mud physics to inflate difficulty in a fake manner.
you think this is what difficulty is about?
it should be a skill based differentiation, knowing how to use vehicles, not inventing hidden traps
you seem to go in the wrong way to "improve" this game

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Dear spintires mudrunner developers
For your future developments, maybe you can pick up where the original game developers somehow FORGOT their own promises.
Here in this link you will see some of the IMPORTANT aspects missing.

Besides the simple minded oriented roaming like drunk flies, some of the "gaming" content is somehow not developed by anyone, to create the actual game,.

If you scroll down you will see a list of things like SKILLS, buying parts, discovering secret crates, bonus skill points, customizable addons, etc..
THIS IS THE GAME CONTENT, not adding new maps or trucks, and doing the same retarded roaming around.
Once you win a map on hardcore with all the 1* vehicles in the worst self imposed restrctions, and doing the fastest times possible, there is literally no interest for any normal human being.

Thank you
And please do develop this game to it's full potential.
If you want contanct me and I can create what is missing

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Actually is sad seeing such stubbornness here when the community of paying customers wants more content
And new trucks is just a minor aspect'
Those cases are extreme upgrades that a stock truck could achieve, and people wanting and using them means people want, not just the wimp version of the stock truck, they want to customize it, to upgrade it.
The feeling of accomplishment is missing from this game. What if by doing stuff in the game, using the rewards to upgrade the trucks and tackle even worse conditions, where only a fully modified vehicle can have a hope of achieving.

ALso having limited time challenges where you can unlock various bonus upgrades or visual customization, trail runs in set time limits or truck trials, where skill of handling the truck matters, and where you take you desired truck and retrofit it with parts from your garage to be able to handle those challenges and at the end of the competition to revert it for "civilian" use or hell, take it for some rescue missions.
Here is a fun example of mud and trucking, where you will recognize some of the trucks.
Youtube Video

There is a whole game that this Spintires doesn't tap at all, and is sad that the eople behid it are so narrow minded not to get that niche.
All gamers in the world in all the games and different types want their specific custom thing, demonstrated by the 3rd party mods created by enthusiasts here and by all the games out there, from shooting mechs in battles, tanks, racing cars, shooting fps and strategy.

And those developers that were smart and listened got more and more money.

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There is a lot of difference between various trucks and it is interesting for them to have certain addons and not all of them, makes for an interesting game play.
But overall in the complete form i envision for this game, not the retarded present one, you could upgrade any vehicle to your desire and tackle complicated missions, multistage missions, delivering various things and discovering new tech.

For example the Zil Mongo mod, should be actually incorporated into the game as separate parts, and allowing a HUGE freedom to develop any truck in any direction you want.
Start with the B130 and upgrade it to look like this and perform like any ural or better

Or the B131 and with extensive upgrades to look like this

or the uaz 469

And any number of mods.
Buying an C 4320 and swapping in the maz 535 engine, to pull some very heavy objects for a short distance.
Anyway, as i understand that pavel dude is not interested in more that the current level. He should be paid with sum X and kicked away from the game if he is not interested in making it as this game deserves.

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You should watch youtube videos of truckers doing the same moves.
It is literally the same thing.

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2. Slightly different name, but essentially the same game. But lets not ponder on the subject. It's been debated and i will just sound like a broken record repeating the things.
I just want to keep an objective and fair view for the new users.
I will end with hope for the future that the game will see the long awaited development reaching out of the sandbox alpha persisting state of Spintires.

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Just to understand, in here on the official forums we receive no news from the dev team while they appear in magazines and stuff?!
This doesn't sound too promising for the future quality of what will come.

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In the current format of the game consumption and game mechanics isn't a simulation of reality.
The weird mud, the trees and rocks/boulders will block event he mighty 30tonnes 8x8 monsters,
For example the 535/537 maz has a range of 600km IRL, while n the game it can go only a few km

In this game everything is made to add to the difficulty of traversing the environment, nothing else.