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Hello dear developers, the game is very good in graphic terms, the weapon is well drawn and has realistic characteristics, except for shotguns, the shooting range is very small, the system for reducing the safe zone is very interesting, but in terms of optimization, just horror, already discourages all desire to play, as on the battlefront 2, and the gempley component is inferior even to fakes pubg, although I may not be able to see it, since I play only with a resolution of 1360 * 767 on a monitor 1920 * 1080 with a graphics card gtx 1 050 and ping from 20 to 40 when walking on the map and 15 in combat, Vostok games, enough to put your unoptimized graphics in this game, work on the gameplay, there are not enough things to drop out, the curve machine, the hand-bank in the lobby and the inability to even change keys on the keyboard for themselves, in general what else to expect from the alpha test, I really hope my review will help your team to make an excellent game!

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