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The servers are offline,they usually start the servers every Friday with the newest patch and stop it at Monday.That's due to reading the feedback through the weekend,they work on the patch whole week and releasing it at Friday.

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Okay,a bit more feedback.I apologize if the stuff im going to point have been reported already or if im writing in the wrong section. So far,the game only gets better. By that I mean it runs bit better sadly only on Low settings with everything possible turned off but afterall this is not finished project,the sync between players is improved too.Sometimes the wolves are glitching through the doors,the vechiles are really slow,laggy,bumpy and ther barely have the power to climb even the lowest hill.The game feels bit empty and sometimes you run whole game doing nothing just to reach the end and lose or win,but that's a not big problem.I like how the game challenges me with all those zones with radiation and anomalies that appear randomly.So at the end I can see the improvement,the game still requires more work and polishing but my biggest problem so far is only the wait between every test,for a man which is ADDICTED to this game it's hard to wait for the weekend.

With best regards and good luck,BAZZINGA. 🙂

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@barbarrossa But why tomorrow,GIVE IT TO US NOW!! Im too ADDICTED .. 😞

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You guys want feedback?!Okay,im gonna GIVE IT TO YA while my impressions are still fresh. 😃 It's clearly visible that the game is getting polished,slowly but seems like the dev team are working on it.When I started playing the game in the early Alpha I was saying to myself:This game is so TRASH,I don't even know why it exists. But now,few months later I can see where the game is going and im starting to like it.The atmosphere is pretty decent,the shooting too but that what I like the most is the zone that appear randomly,I mean is not like the rest of the BR games and that makes it UNIQUE!I like that we must look around not only for another players but for wolves too,running from the radiation is good too.In this patch I saw some things fixed,the desynchronization is fixed even if from time to time it appears.The game needs more work towards optimization,if I don't use VSync the picture is getting glitchy which is a problem which I hope is going to be solved.I have noticed that im getting FPS drops in areas with more grass and tought that is going to be good idea to have option for switching it off or reducing it,but lately I have decided that is pretty usefull for hiding and planing attacks on my enemies for im UP for keeping a lot of grass.I hope that the game will get even better with the next update,but please,just PLEASE do NOT stop the sever for few days anymore,I got REALLY addicted to the game and I wish all best to the devs to make it one of the BEST BR games released so far.Because it has the chance to beat even PUBG which has really booring zone.

With best regards,BAZZINGA! Hope I will see the game online soon .. 🙂

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Okay let's do some feedback,shall we? 🙂 I like the game,it really has potential to become something different in the kind of a getting overcrowded with bad games BattleRoyale market.It has the atmosphere,it has the look,it has the interesting gameplay but there are still things that drive me nuts!I understand that the game is in beta even if it runs more like an project in Alpha but im gonna give my negative feedback.First,optimization.The game still needs a lot of work in that direction,it got bit better comprared to the earlier builds but getting around 20-40 fps most of the time is rediculous,im not saying that my PC is some kind of a beast.But im pretty sure that I can get more with i7-6700K and RX-480 on LOW settings,the FPS mainly drops in places with a lot of vegitation.Second,sound.The game has pretty decent sounds,im talking about guns,music,ambient and etc. Sadly,still needs work in that direction,sometimes is kind of a difficult to find out from where the footsteps are comming and also the music is TOO LOUD!I hope that the game will get better,like I said it has potential but needs more work on optimization,sound and network code.I wish you all the best and can't wait for the next patch to test.

With regards,MrBAZZINGA.

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