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Really awesome Extraction ideas @n4thani3l !!

Adds a spin on the gamemode overall that seems fun and exciting in my opinion.
In-regards to choice between heli's flying in or just clearing the wave, its gotta be heli's, that would be so awesome to see and would make the potential ending great! in every aspect, gameplay, player emotion, videos, marketing for the mode etc.

Really nice suggestions! The devs look through these official forums so i'm sure it'll be a great read for them.

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Cheers for sharing your opinions @maa_bunny , very intresting indeed.

I like the addition of an extraction point to finish off the round, maybe best of 30 rounds or 50 would suit your vision also.

[rounds need to be high enough to make them a 'worth' while survival mode while also being hard to win, thus bringing back players to try again, is why i stated a higher round cap like 50].

Thanks for your suggestions, lets see if they inspire the devs in some form.

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That sounds EPIC @goat-walrus !!

Great suggestions, i'm sure the devs will appreciate.
Really like how you focused on more variety within the mode itself, to potentially improve it for SandStorm.

Gives me an awesome co-op 'singleplayer' feeling, nice one!

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Oooooo i like the sounds of that @kraeyq !!
and it's more 'plausible' now with Unreal-Engine-4.

Surviving through the night as it breaks-into Dawn.

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Thats awesome to hear! @ogerseer

What was one of the key aspects you liked the most?
(examples: night time, endless waves, surviving on low resource).

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BRING BACK - Survival -

Hey forum users,
Let me know your thoughts on if you'd like the Survival gamemode to be added into SandStorm or would you prefer another gamemode all-together?

Survival mode:
Players need to sweep and clear the area from safezone to safezone with their team to collect more re-supply points in an endless battle to survival waves on enemies. Under the cover of darkness they must equip the right gear for the job from nightvision to torches/flashlights to aid in the in fight.

Hope this inspires someone!

[below is a quick edit of what the survive tab might look like ingame, ideally i would like the image to have a full moon-lit sky, but i dont have all day to edit :} ]

Have a great day.
From MrDaruth.

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