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Altruism. Selflessness. Empathy. Generousity. Giving to others for the sake of giving to others. Even at your own expense. Helping others for the sake of helping others. Even at your own expense. It's not necessarily about right or wrong. It's about how much you care. And how much of that caring is only about yourself.

Oh...and BTW...on the map conversion thing...BULLSHIT! I know exactly what I'm talking about. I didn't say it couldn't be done. I said it's very difficult if you don't have access to all the necessary files. If you can prove otherwise...then do so. Until then please STFU. Quit spreading disinformation. And stop arguing just for the sake of arguing.

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@fearwheels said in this is how you get yourself blacklisted by the modding community...:

Credits: Blackwater_CA, AlexNez. It seems that this was done with approval from Blackwater_CA as Blackwater himself posted a comment and seems to be involved with it.

I mentioned that here before(not in this thread, in another one). Thanks for mentioning it again.

It also needs mentioned that you can't convert someone else's map without the original XML, and all the other files in the prebuild folder, for it. You can go through the hassle of recreating all of those. And placing all the models where they were originally. But by that point you'd, essentially, be the creator of the map. Which, if you did all that well enough, would look like someone else's map.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong to do that. Just that it's not very likely that someone went to all the trouble to. And then gave credit to the original author. And/or posted comments using the author's name stating "glad all of you enjoyed this map, I had a fun time creating it. Thank you and Enjoy!!!". Rather than simply believing that the original author converted and uploaded the map(or gave whomever all the necessary files and permission to), and then commented on it himself(as himself).

But if you're into conspiracy theories, then whatever you say is a conspiracy is one. And who am I to tell you different? Right?

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@joridiculous said in Tips And Tricks For Using 3rd Party Height Maps In The Editor:
You dont have to mess with channels at all. Just paste it in a layer and flatten.

I don't know what you mean by "mess" with channels. But no, you don't. It just needs to be in a DDS format. Doesn't matter which. I don't suggest you use anything less than R8G8B8(more bits = higher detail), or anything that is compressed(like any of the DXT types). The original height map images you get from terrain.party are 16-bit PNG format. You could also go with X8R8G8B8(32-bit RGB pixel format, 8 bits for each color). But it's even more of a waste of bits than R8G8B8. Anything with an alpha layer is also a waste. Alpha is not used in this instance.

And I'm not talking about greyscale either. Because then, AFAIK, I'd have to be using something besides paint dot net. Which I don't like to do if I don't have to. Unless you can do greyscale with paint dot net and I just don't know how. I know you can with Gimp. But Gimp is a PITA to use. And I'm not going to pay for image editing software that I don't absolutely have a real need for(of which I haven't found any so far).

@joridiculous said in Tips And Tricks For Using 3rd Party Height Maps In The Editor:
Also, editor keeps the format the _height.dss is saved in. It doesn't "convert" to R16F

You're right. And you're wrong. It doesn't convert it until you edit it and save it. Once you've edited it and saved it, it will be converted to R16F. If all you're doing is loading it in the editor, the editor will load it in whatever DDS format it's saved in. The editor doesn't convert it the instant it loads it. And I never said that it did. I clearly stated, multiple times, that after editing and saving it gets converted to R16F. Don't believe me? Try it. You'll see.

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@joridiculous said in Tips And Tricks For Using 3rd Party Height Maps In The Editor:

Doesn't have to be a red-channel Works perfectly fine with images as a 16 bit channel grey scale. (only one channel to worry about)

Doesn't have to be anything. As soon as you make any kind of geometry edit, and save it, the editor converts it to R16F.

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I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet. Since there's really only a few things you NEED to know to get started.

  1. The file format is DDS R16F. Which is a compression-less 2D image/surface format(compression-less, 16-bit floating-point surface format, 16 bits for the red channel). The height map you will be trying to use will most likely not start out in that format. So what? Exactly. Do you really need to use some expensive photo editing software(ie. Photoshop) to save it as DDS R16F before using it in the editor? No. You most certainly DO NOT. I suggest you use paint dot net to save it as DDS R8G8B8(compression-less, 24-bit RGB pixel format, 8 bits per channel). Then have the editor convert that to DDS R16F for you. Which it will as soon as you make even the tiniest geometry edit, rebuild terrain, and save. BAM! DDS R16F conversion complete. PHOTOSHOP NOT REQUIRED!

  2. The size of the height map in pixels². Terrain.party downloads of the 8km x 8km size will be 1081x1081 pixels. That works fine in the editor, and doesn't need resized. I don't know what size is "too big" or "too small". I do know that the height maps generated by the editor are 961x961 pixels(if a squared size was used to create it, as in the length and width were the same value).

  3. And this is the kicker...the Height Map Max Value. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MESS WITH THE BRIGHTNESS OR CONTRAST OF THE HEIGHT MAP IMAGE TO ACHIEVE MORE REALISTIC HEIGHT DIFFERENTIALS! You can. But it's not the best way to do it IMO. If you want a more realistic height differential scenario(greater elevation, and greater changes in elevation) just use SpintiresMod with the editor. When you do you will have the option of changing the Height Map Max Value. The reason your imported height map looks so blah...is because the Height Map Max Value is in the editor is WAY TOO LOW by default! It's 64m by default. Meaning the difference in height between the lowest point on the map and the heighest point on the map can only be 64m. Weak sauce! I can jump that high(not really...but you get my point). Anyway, using STM you can set the Height Map Max Value in incremental values ranging from 64m(default) all the way up to 4096m. And the results you'll see from doing so can be spectacular. You will probably get some "stepping" in the elevation changes(you'll see what I mean by that). But these can easily be fixed using the geometry height tool/brush in flatten mode. The Height Map Max Values for maps made using STM are stored in an XML file named _mod in the map's prebuild folder. You can change the value there and save it, or from within the editor.

_mod.xml example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

From within the editor:


And that's the basic gist of it. Pretty simple and easy stuff really. I'll add more tips and tricks if/when I find them.

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Does the folder for the mod in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\675010 have the meshes and textures for gaz_rear?


Have you tried uploading the mod to the workshop without the mesh and textures files for gaz_rear? You can leave out the XML file for gaz_rear in classes\wheels too. None of those files need to be added to a mod that uses stock assets. They're already in the game's MeshCache.zip, TextureCache.zip, and Media.zip.

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Seems a little Off-Topic for the modding section of the forum. Good info though. I don't use chrome on my PC. But I do use it on my phone.

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@08_jk_ said in Slamming Gears with a mouse!!:

to bad one of those advanced mode buttons isnt a quick release for the winch.

To "quickly" release the winch, do a quick tap up or down on the D-pad(engages advanced mode with winch release selected) followed by a tap on the A button(releases the winch and disengages advanced mode). BAM! Winch released and advanced mode disengaged. Takes less than half a second when you get the hang of it. How much "quicker" does it need to be?

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@Tattoo I'm pretty sure the STM 4GB patched executables were made using some kind of LAA/4GB patch software(of which there are many). So, while not exactly the same implementation wise, the effect should be exactly the same either way. I say should because, in my experience, Local Host's patch doesn't appear to work. At least not for the game(as in MudRunner). My evidence to make that claim is anecdotal. As I haven't gathered any empirical data to support it(yet). I'm basing it, pretty much entirely, on one particular behavior I've noticed that differs between the 2 methods. Using the STM 4GB patched executable I can reliably load 5 non-default trucks to start on a map(as in 5 trucks at the beginning location or garage). Works every time. Using Local Host's patch it's hit or miss. Any more than 4 non-default trucks is likely to cause the map to not be able to load(it throws the version is old/files missing error). Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I get the same results running the game with no LAA/4GB patch. It appears to only apply to non-default trucks(as in vehicle mods). Or trucks not preselected to start the map. If the map has 5 slots for truck selections that are prefilled(by the map maker), there's no problem starting the map with all of those trucks. LAA/4GB patch or not.

But, like I said, it's anecdotal evidence. That's just how it seems to work for me. And YMMV.

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@riskywisky said in 64BIT.EXE- More Memory!!!!:

...the LAA thing that LocalHost made for the old game... it converts the game everytime you launch it (from 32 bit to 64 bit), making the game be able to run faster.

That's not how it works. It makes 32-bit applications Large Address Aware. Which lets 32-bit applications access up to 4GB on a 64-bit OS(or up to 3GB on a 32-bit OS using the /3GB switch). 64-bit applications can access up to 8TB(on a 64-bit OS...obviously).

SpintiresMod also has 4GB patched executables for MudRunner and the editor(as well as old ST and the combine tools).

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