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"Runs it good at max settings" he says. Ummmmmm...no it don't. It's a complete potato with 30% of the graphics power of the minimum recommended card. You're barely getting FPS in the mid teens(if that even). With frequent dips in the single digits. Don't go telling lies like that. Someone might believe it and buy one of those POS cards thinking you can actually play games with it. That' BS. It's an iGPU replacement card at best. Hell...most iGPUs are WAY more capable.

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It doesn't work. Never has. Just rename the .dds and .stg files to "game_proving" and manually install them. Manually install any non-stock assets used too(if required). If it still wants to load the normal proving grounds, rename those .dds and .stg files so the game can't find them.

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I'm not willing to make that accusation based on hearsay. Sorry. 💩

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I've seen a pic of a truck with a load of logs driving through a blockpost too.

I have no idea how they're able to do that either. 🤷🏻♂

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@JustaFordGuy VirusTotal says it's ok. But I used a hex editor to compare the file to the one I downloaded and installed from the ShareMods link found here. And they aren't even close to the same. So personally, I wouldn't trust it. I don't even 100% trust the one I downloaded from the other site. But that's where I've always downloaded STM from. And it's never caused any issues before(that I'm aware of).

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@bigboyzback Go to your Steam library. Then right click on Spintires: MudRunner and select Properties. Under the BETAS tab select the beta you would like to opt into: ver_18_01_29b or ver_18_03_06.

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The way to post code is to start(first line) and end(last line) with ```.

For example:

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