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Hi @mordrek so since you explain me about the case sensitive on cyanide I've just remade the league on the web, but i cant erease the old one. So you dont have to fix it for me, you can just erease it and thats it, ill leave you the link for both two new and old.

Old: Super Blitz&competition=T.4 Bronce&q=*comp

New: SUPER BLITZ&competition=T.4 Oro&q=*front

Cheers! And thanks for all the effort you put on the web 😃

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Thanks for the Queries Solution! would do that on the meantime for sure :D.


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So recently (around 3 weeks ago) I activated the three divisións on my league "Liga Super Blitz" being this competitions:

  • T.4 Oro
  • T.4 Plata
  • T.4 Bronce

Being both three competitions started when I activated them.

The problem we are having is, the web collects all the matches but not shows the standings or statistics.

Here's the league: Super Blitz&competition=T.4 Plata&q=*comp