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The timing between the clock, the menu disappearing and when the game does the decision for you is a bit off, as you can see in this clip:

Imo as long as the menu is there, and I'm able to click an option, that option should be the one taken into effect.

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Had a guy give me the good old AFK treatment from turn 4 until end of game because he was losing in champs.. He came back momentarily for turn 11, 13 and 16 for some smacktalk. It's possible that he watched my stream and saw me leave my computer and decided to try to inflict damage while I was away. But he were throwing red dice blocks like a muppet.
Either way, not a lot of fun, and I think it at least should be counted as a concede on his record. Preferably I'dd like to see some sort of punishment for this, i.e. banned from the next season of champs.
Coach name was ******

Admin Edit: removed the name of the coach. We're taking care of him. Please send a PM next time.

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Looks very good. Great job 🙂
I assume the leader reroll fixes also fixes the issue where if a leader gets removed during first half, but comes back on for the second, he grants 2 rerolls instead of just the one?

And is there any chance you could make the Catch skill optional? (For instance for when a catcher is providing an assist to a block but you do not want him to catch the ball because you need to move the ball further.)

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@dode74 Aight, thanks for the clarification regarding the choice of data 🙂
Is there anywhere we normal people can find this data so we also can look at it our self, just so that we can convince our self and take some workload of you. (Meaning you don't have to tell us over and over again that the data supports / don't support)

@voodoomike When I say it is my opinion I say it to clarify that it's my opinion and just that. It's not based by fact and it's not what "everyone" thinks as some other people tend to do in their arguments.

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I'll add my 2 cent to this topic because it's one that have been brought to my attention a fair bit over the past few days.

Dode and VoodoMike, I support the fact that you want data from bb2 before making a decision/change, as it's more relevant than data from a different version of BB. Although you've several times on previous occasions have ignored data from bb2 because you had data from other versions of BB that better have supported your opinion. I think this is a step in the right direction tho.
But I don't understand why you make a change before you had the data of what it's like before the change is implied, because then you don't have anything to compare it to. I'dd say the best way to deal with this would've been to first let halflings and goblins play as they are supposed to be, originally. And if that then turned out to be an issue, then you could try to implement a small change and gradually adjust it until you have the results you want. Instead of slamming on what seems to me to be a rather drastic change before you have the data to compare it with.

I've always been against this tv++ thing tho, as it seems to punish coaches/teams with a higher win rate. Some coaches or teams are going to have a higher win rate than others, because they are better, or a better combo. Trying to give a handicap to those worse at the game seems just as wrong as letting someone get a head start in a race.
I might be misunderstanding this part tho, and how it works. Tbh, it seem so wrong to me, so I assume that I probably am.

On the other hand, both you Dode and VoodooMike then to get very toxic and attack the messenger rather than the message. The way the two of you reply to forum posts is the nr.1 reason why I shy away from BB2 forums. The general theme of your replies are "I know more than you, I have the data, you are worthless and you don't know anything and you shouldn't bother voicing your opinion because you are flat out wrong." This is my opinion. Hopefully that will change in the future. This is my personal opinion.
Apart from that, keep up the work. I know you're all doing it because you care about BB2 and that is awesome.

Finally I'm just going to clarify that non of the content in this post is intended to upset, piss off, tilt or harm anyone.

TL;DR: Why add the +300 tv MM before you have data? Be nicer to each other.